‘Autocorrect’ almost caused World War Three

30 February, 0140: The autocorrect feature was deemed to be the invention of the future when it was invented in the past. However, calling it a futuristic tool in the present has become a thing of past! Nowadays, people believe strongly that the autocorrect was invented only to popularise the Asterix Symbol signifying typo errors. But very few people ever thought that this could initiate a nuclear war. Amazingly, however it took another equally disturbing unwanted Autocorrect modification to end the war, and ensure a few more years of safe existence of the human race on this planet.

The Antarctica Government Ambassador Mr Penguin tweeted last Wednesday, “Antarctica is the coolest country #cold #freezing” from his mobile in which autocorrect was active. As a result, autocorrect silently modified the tweet as “Antarctica wants to destroy the world #bomb #bombing“. It was immediately retweeted a trillion times by a trillion twitter accounts and while retweeting the autocorrect feature in their smartphones again massively changed the tweet beyond any recognisable pattern.

Few of the interesting variants were:

  • Antarctica will colonise the world #ruler #ruling.
  • Pizza is better than Pasta #hungry #eating.
  • Happy birthday to William Shakespeare #writer #partying.
  • Harry Potter will visit Gotham #batman #batting.
  • Autocorrect will end the world #soon #ending.

But what followed is the worst thing that could have been. Every account suddenly tweeted in unison, “We Want World War Three #WW3 #fighting.” But then 2 seconds later, again everybody tweeted, “We Don’t Want World Three #No_WW3 #not_fighting”. But what is interesting is that within that precious 2 seconds gap every country in the world had already accumulated an army big enough to destroy the Universe. Everyone again had to disassemble the army and calm everyone down when suddenly everyone tweeted,”Antarctica is the coolest country #cold #freezing P.S. We want peace” thus ending this awesome story with exactly what it had started.

Experts have denied complains that the problem was with twitter accounts and have rather blamed the Autocorrect feature for this mishap.

“I Correct Autocorrect, more than Autocorrect corrects me.”, tweeted an expert who had recently disabled the feature.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
Website: Our Simple yet Elegant Website


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