Hospitals will use Mosquitoes to Collect BLOOD

30 February, 0143: We are all afraid of syringes and needles and injections, and even more scared of modernised draculas i.e. doctors, who draw blood in syringes! But all this is about to come to an end. Mosquitoes are set to replace the injections at your clinic.

Mosquitoes in Action

Recently we came to know that Blood-Tasting Draculas are safer than Blood-Testing Clinics but now we all have been surprised by the latest development in the science of pathology. It states that natural ectoparasites like mosquitoes can, in fact, more efficiently draw blood from humans. In a study named, “Proboscis or Syringe” it was found out that most people around the world voted the mosquito method of blood collection to be less scarier.

Genetic Engineers are in a mission to make the Mosquitoes sign a deal that they would no longer inject germs into human beings and would instead receive a monthly payment of 10% of the blood drawn. MAD (Mosquito Agency of Delhi) have already agreed to the deal and have promised that they would start their new job from the next month.

So from May, if you ever visit a clinic for blood sampling, a doctor would no longer pierce you with a killer syringe but would rather deploy an army of mosquitoes!

How it will look?

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
Website: Our Simple yet Elegant Website and Our Not So Simple Yet Elegant Website


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