Snapchat CEO to Handover free Pepsi to every Indian

30 February, 0148: It is clear that distributing Pepsi can handle any magnitude of protest. Even if you allegedly end up calling the 7th richest country of the world, where the 10th richest person still has double your net worth – POOR, it is quite evident from the latest Pepsi ad that Handing over free Pepsi can handle any such backlash due to the consequence of your apparently nonsensical actions.

Snapchat handing over Pepsi

Hence, the CEO of snapchat has utilised this special trick to control the anger of the Indians, after potentially insulting the Ancient world Golden Bird, the largest democracy and one of the fastest growing economy which is also a subcontinent with rich heritage and history. We still do not have any news about the response of the angered Indians to this Free Pepsi Handover Scheme.

Antarctica Daily Team
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