Pop Star Turns BILLIONAIRE after ©opyrighting the phrase ‘Oh Yeah’

30 February, 0151: “Every Billionaire is a Millionaire but all millionaires are not billionaire!” This was the quote that made Brian the Bankrupt, Brian the Billionaire. He is not exactly a famous personality, mainly because he does not have one, but he has become a nightmare for the pop music industry within the last 2 months.

What he did was simple, he copyrighted the phrase ‘Oh Yeah!’ and since a pop song consists of 99.9% of that phrase, every published song became virtually a rip off of his copyright. Every Pop star from Taylor Gift to Justin Driver had to pay him at least a few million dollars in compensation. His wealth accumulated faster than the tasks of a government official. As a result, few weeks, he was worth 133 Million Dollars.

Yesterday, at 5 PM he crossed the 1 Billion Dollar Mark and entered into the elite Billion Dollar Club. But, once a bankrupt is always a bankrupt. Influenced by his success he decided to become a philanthropist. Unlike JK Growling (JK stands for Just Kidding), who just became a millionaire from a billionaire, he became approximately a negative trillionaire!

How that happened, could be explained by the following MeMe:

Bad Luck Brian lol
Credits : PunWitMeMe

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily



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