Archaeologist finds Blue Whale on the top of Mount Everest

30 February, 0154: Mount Everest is always on the headlines. Either it is spewing out lava and getting confirmed as a volcano, or else an archaeologist is finding a blue whale on its pinnacle.

Proof of both Blue Whale and Volcanic Activity on Mount Everest!

Archaeologist Dr Dino Sir was actually a jobless unemployed spare time mountain climber, who climbed Mount Everest for publicity stunt in an attempt to make ends meet. But hardly did he know when he was in Base Camp 1, that within the next few hours he will become a world renowned celebrity.

Yesterday at about 1:00 PM in the noon he topped the Everest. But as soon as he was going to shoot a selfie (or rather coolfie) in his new oversmartphone, he tripped and fell. And what a fall it was! He came rolling down the Everest faster than speed of light. When he reached the bottom, about one millisecond later, he was 24 years younger, due to relativistic effects! He was utterly miserable for failing to take the selfie. But a surprise awaited him when he checked out the storage of his oversmartphone. He somehow managed to take 1,234,567,890 continuous pictures within the 1 millisecond he took to fall and the first million or so of the pictures starkly revealed what he had tripped on. For a second he was stunned. But then he was busy, busy uploading the pics on every social media. What he found was a Blue Whale on Everest! He wasn’t sure whether it was a whale just blue in colour, maybe because it supported chelsea, or really a blue whale, but either way he didn’t really care, for after all he wasn’t a zoologist, he was an archaeologist!

He was so startled by his discovery that he scaled and descended the entire Everest 5 times within 5 minutes shouting out Eureka continuously!

No one knows how it ended up there? Some say, it was left there during the filming of the film 2012!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily



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