10 Most Amazing Planets found in our Universe!

30 February, 0155: Scientists believe that our Universe was born in a cataclysmic explosion called Big Bang about 13.7 Billion Years ago. On this playground termed the Universe, Stars have taken birth in Star Hospitals and Nursing Homes called nebulae and has given birth in turn to the planets. Today, we explore the amazing world of otherworldly worlds out of our own world. Here are the top ten Most Amazing Planets found in our Universe:

  1. HD11fuNny0o: As awkward as the name sounds, this planet is the best place to kick off our discussion. Born during a galactic plague this congenitally mutated planet is strangely indecisive in its orbits and is known over the Universe for its rectangular orbits around its star! It has clear cut season demarcation, which changes while the planet goes past the sharp orbit edges. It does not rotate on axis although it simple harmonically oscillates about its axis whenever it feels like.
    HD11fuNny0o is a Very Shy Planet!
  2. Soccer: This planet totally abides by its name, although not much is known about it, scientists have observed that this planet looks totally like a football. Also, the planetary design is exactly like the 2010 World Cup football Jabulani!
    Waka Waka…
  3. Geminalplanet: This planet, rather these planets are not a single planet and rather a planetary system. Gemini means twins in latin, but these planets are a whole family of unplanned children of a star all orbiting in the same orbit! So from far away, it seems the planets are stationary, as they are attached equator to equator! Some people have nicknamed it as pearl necklace! Also the planets radiate some otherworldly glow!
    The Star it orbits is totally leading a #thug_life
  4. BlackHole#231: This planet is a black hole, no one knows how or why?
    This is the Only Picture we have of the planet!
  5. Mooney: This planet has a moon bigger than itself and is continuously blackmailed by its moon to step down from the orbit and handover the orbital duties to the moon itself and survive as its satellite! A case has already been filed in the court of Intergalactic Justice against the moon for the use of dark energy to persuade the planet. Also, our reporters have obtained clues indicating use of illegal dark matter to bribe the poor planet.
    The Homeland of Universal Crimes!
  6. Cube: This planet is an odd one, although it is an even position number on the list. This planet is Cubical. Exactly Cubical! It also has a cubical moon.
    Asteroid Collision is supposed to have given them their shape!
  7. AC$@%&: This planet is entirely air conditioned, which can be controlled at the will of anyone living on this planet. The temperature can range from blazing 3,000,000 Kelvins to freezing 3 Kelvins. Amazingly, we have been receiving continuous radio transmission of profanity from this planet which is why the signs and symbols are included in its name.
    Parental Guidance: STRONG LANGUAGE DETECTED!
  8. Starry: This exoplanet is a star ! The only reason we consider it as a planet is the fact that, on the birth certificate it was mentioned to be a planet. It added a crust on its surface to disguise itself as a planet from the POLICE (Planetary Officers Loving to Inexplicably Chase Exoplanets).
    This Stary Exoplanet is closer than other Planets of the star!
  9. Bounce3D: This planet was featured as the famous ball in the epic Bounce 3D game!
    Bound to make you nostalgic!
  10. Earth: This planet has individuals who are capable of researching, writing and reading about the planets, including itself, we have just read about!
    This one gives us Chills!!! (in winter)

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily



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