This School Teaches you to Swim in Air

30 February, 0158: Despite being three dimensional beings, humans are always confined on the two dimensional ground, because of a force called gravity. Poets across centuries have hoped to grow wings, so that they can fly away and escape into the third spatial dimension, but much to their disgust they all were born with nonsensical hands. Common people when frustrated with their life have found it to be exhilaratingly satisfying to state that they will fly away if certain demands of theirs are not met. Having stated that, it is not difficult for a person who is well grounded in reality to appreciate the fact that the ability to fly, will affect the human society with a lot of unforeseeable consequences.

Just when people were beginning to wonder about flying without a machine,

a Woman was beginning to wander about, flying without a machine!

She requested us not to disclose her identity saying that, “Do not tell anyone that my Name is Dr Albatross Flight and I am about to inaugurate an Air Swimming School that will teach the students to fly! However, through the columns of your esteemed newspaper please advertise about this new school.”

Even Animals Can Join

We immediately visited the school to find about the courses in Air Swimming School (ASS). The journalist whom we had sent, learnt the skill successfully with flying colors, came back flying, with the reports. The courses encompass a wide range of strokes by which human beings can literally swim in air and figuratively FLY! However, flying costume is mandatory and so is signing a deal saying that, ‘I will not pollute the AirSpace I’m flying in’, to enroll into the course.

This is how the first lesson begins!

People from all over the world have already started flying in the air, and as a result drone sales have plummeted down faster that the ones who forget the strokes in mid air! She-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named has clearly done a tremendous job and we hope that people will use this newly learned skill for the benefit of mankind (although we must admit that, that is HIGHLY unlikely! )


Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily



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