You Won’t Remember This After 5 Minutes

5 February 2018

Human brain can remember a lot of information for a long amount of time. Other than the time we take a test or try to impress a person, our brain can easily be considered to be the best computer, one has ever used.

However, it is proven by scientists that whenever we read a specific set of sentences, we tend to forget whatever we had learnt recently. No matter how essential for us it was to remember what we had learnt, we will undoubtedly forget it within 5 minutes, provided we utter a strange sequence of sentences, loudly. At the end of this article you will find five of such sentences.

But first let us give you something to remember, so that you can forget it. Read the following 5 sentences.

Antarctica is the Southernmost continent. Antarctica is inhabited by penguins. Penguins are more intelligent than humans. Penguins will take over the world. Be very afraid of penguins.

Now, repeat these sentences for 5 times loudly yet silently. Then repeat it once again after 5 minutes and when you do so, you will realise that these sentences which you wanted to remember, to forget, are the sentences which will make you forget what you remember.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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