The Art of Bragging

27 February 2018

Success of our lives is usually gauged with the amount of love the we have exchanged with the society. But often, to bond well, we need to brag well. Bragging as an essential skill, has discussed to some detail, in this article.

The golden rule to “brag the best” has always been about being within the reasonable limits. If you have an IQ of 124, then improving it to 142 is not a harm. However, declaring it to be 421 can be of disastrous consequences.

Bragging about your talents is a popular choice. Often, such a brag seals the deal. But more often, people without the skill say words from the reel and end up with wounds that take long time to heal. An assertion involving the unique cooking skills of yours is completely recommendable, but the exhibition of your proficiency in brain surgery is downright insanity.

You may make claims on how, had you run the world, the world would have been a better place. But don’t try to substitutue in yourself, in a lot of different shoes. Someone might have sprinkled quicksand over theirs.

Frequently sharing medical facts imbibed with technical terms goes a long way to boost your public profile, but make sure you never become a person of floccinoccinihilipilification.

All these tips when combined with a straight posture, tucked in tummy and a ton of make-up might make you feel that you are a better version of yourself now, when all that the society needed from you is simply to be yourself.

And that is the harsh reality of the present.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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