Driving License is now Mandatory for buying Toy Cars

9 March 2018

If you have failed your driving tests then you have failed the opportunity to make a child smile. A child smiles when a toy car is gifted. But you can’t buy if you don’t have a driving license. We will answer your burning question, namely, “Why the Hell?”, in this article.

2 days ago, a man who had failed 184,839,029 driving tests bought a Ferrari from a toy shop. But, on his way back home, the remote went out of control and the toy car directly hit another car’s tyre and was run over, destroying the tyre that it did strike in the first place.

After this incident, people unanimously voted against the buying of cars, even if it is just a toy, by inexperienced drivers. Immediately, the stock price of toy manufacturing companies fell, the anger of toy manufacturers rose higher but beating everything, the toddlers filled the air with exhilarating laughter, which was later understood to be as their sarcastic protest.

For now, one thing is certain, even if you have the strongest of desires to buy toy cars, you simply can’t, unless you have a driving license, which from my experience, isn’t the easiest of docuemnts to earn.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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