Time Sues Poet for Personifying ‘it’

22 March 2018

This is the story of a poem,
The story of a crime,
Indicative of the sluttish,
Nature of our time.
A poet said time is busy,
Just to match up with the rhyme,
Time took it personally,
Dipped his fame in green slime.
He was blamed of overuse,
Of words along with its misuse,
He was stripped off his profession,
His sufferings were profuse.
He was jailed for one whole year,
And banned from drinking beer,
And because of the last restriction,
He knew his end was near.
He was locked up in a cell,
Was denied a bale,
For how long he was sobbing in there,
No person can tell.
Time, he did personify,
He had the perfect alibi,
If Shakespeare could do it long back,
Why can’t he give it a Try?
Tell me Why?
Should I Cry,
Out of My,
Swollen Eye,
Look at the sky,
It tries to fly,
And that’s why,
It’s lodged so high.
Sky was somewhere near,
And it heard him speaking that,
He knew it was listening and called it,
Hideous Old Brat.
That word with ‘f’, I don’t give it,
‘Cause I know that sky’s the limit,
Hence I used a metaphor,
Wanna jail me for that,
Wanna Wage a War.
The sky said no,
Don’t you fret,
I know who just personified me,
And he is my next target!

P.S. Turns out while writing this poem I have personified both time and sky, hence both of them have sued me, in turn. But I sued them back, with the argument that, the natural elements like them have only personified this assemblage of flesh and bones and neurovasculature and viscera into a living being, whom, I have learned to refer as ‘me’.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

Editor in Chief

Antarctica Daily




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