Not Sure if I Travelled in Time

6 April 2018

A weird sensation it was. It went away even before I knew what it was. I searched on the net, typing in keywords that associated what I felt with what I fancied it was. Unfortunately, all the searches returned results which were so unrelated to the topic I was initially searching about, that I almost forgot about what was the original sensation I had felt. But living in the information era as we do, I kept on searching further on the new topics only to be lead further and further away from those. In fact, I was getting so far away, so fast that I guessed I might soon get back to one of the topics I had already searched. But that was not the case. Five minutes later, I found myself watching videos on youtube. Ten minutes later, I was publishing this post on WordPress. Twenty minutes later, I was buying a private Jet on amazon and twenty one minutes later, I was closing that browser tab, because neither amazon sold private jets nor I had the means of buying one even if it sold. But thirty minutes later, I was back on Medium writing up a philosophical article. Forty minutes later, I had a weird sensation. It went away before I knew what it was. I tried searching for it on Google, but I could find no words in my vocabulary that matched the feeling. But, the google searche results led me to Youtube about five minutes later and I started watching a video. That was five minutes before, now I am publishing this post on WordPress, but I don’t know why that Publish button is replaced with Update buttontoday!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay



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