28 days to #365Rhymes

1 Year, 365 Rhymes to be written. It is a challenge. I don’t wanna fail! So, I will spend the days left till the challenge begins, by writing one poem a day on Antarctica Daily!

My phone rang, I wish it sang,
It had no ringtone,
My rules, My phone,
A silence hang, Then a bang,
It beeped on its own,
Like me, My Phone.
Angry I got, Took a shot,
Fell off my lap,
Into the gap,
Out came smoke, I had a stroke,
Heard Karma's clap,
Felt like a slap!

From 30.10.18 to 30.10.19, I will publish one poem everyday on 365rhymes.wordpress.com. Do you wanna take this challenge too?

Edit from Future: I am not writing any poems, I am rather reverting back to humorous articles…

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