Bug off, CSS! (feat. PHP, MySQL and JS)

30 February, 0174: Some programmers will agree that CSS is the most bugging language ever. We often find ourselves bugged up while trying to debug CSS. Yesterday CSS bugged me up big time and it is then that I realised that,

Bugs may come,
And Bugs may Go,
but CSS stays Bugged Forever!


Weird, yet true. It just beautifies a markup language. It has no variables, no yearnings for the unattainable, has very few conditional statements, yet still it manages to end up performing disfiguring plastic surgery upon the face of our website.

Honestly, it takes 25% of our time to build the framework of our website. Another 5% to add the essential components. And the remaining 70% is spent to find that forgotten god-damned semicolon messing up our PHP, that god-forsaken typo guiding MySQL to disconnect our DB and that satan-kissed forgotten closing-brace mixing up all our JS functions.

And then 200% of the spent time is re-spent, because we can’t find that devilishly tomfoolish div element, which is adding a horribly terrible margin-right to our content.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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