The Heaviest Bag

The shoulders were drooping, the posture was stooping and the dogs were….never mind, as I walked by the river on my way to office. I admired the shining and glistening sunlight reflecting off of my shoulder, but the truth was that even if a small drop of rain precipitated on my shoulder, it was enough to throw me to the holy ground as I was already past my yielding limit. 

I wanted to sit, but I could not, for if I did, I may never get up, unless dug up! The weight was unbearable, and had it been anyone else with strength, a little lesser than mine, waiting with the weight could have wetted them! I was waiting. Waiting for God to lift my limp body, high up into the air, not exactly to pay a visit to heaven, but more so, to relieve me of by bag.

But, suddenly there was movement. I sensed my shoulders rise. And it continued to rise. It rose higher and higher and still higher, unlike my salary. But, then I discovered a hole. A deep one. My bag had fallen off my shoulders and had perforated the Earth!

Next day I read in headlines, that a bag had suddenly risen up from the ground, destroying a skyscraper in the process, at a place geographically opposite to where the bag had fallen off yesterday!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily



Number of Smartphone users will OVERTAKE Human Population by 2025

30 February, 0114: You may not react if anyone tells you to share your lunch. But if anyone asks you to share your SMARTPHONE, infinite number of excuses will involuntarily flood your mind, which will eventually force you to politely deny the uncanny request. This thought experiment shows us how important and dear our cell phones are to all of us. It not only contains mere contacts and calculator apps but also the precious browser history and messages, which we have sent or received.

It is a simple calculation that tells you, people are using smartphones much more frequently than they are using their common sense. Hence the number of mobile users are increasing in an ever increasingly increasing ever increasing rate!

The chief of MOBILE (Ministry of Oversmartphone Business In Lethal Excitement) said, “The graphs are clearly clear that the number of Smart People using Smart Phones will exponentially increase and we will have more mobile phone users than the human population by the year of 2025.”

The following graphs illustrate the situation better:



Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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