ThanOS might replace MacOS

26 March 2018

The Infinity War is on. So is the war of Infinity Display. Both Apple and Samsung are trying their best to let the customers enjoy the bezel less experience. To stay one step ahead, Apple is deciding to minimise the bezels in their upcoming MacBook Air, while Samsung is focussed on improving the smartphone experience.

The new Apple Macbook Air 2018 is speculated to have a display bigger than the size of the computer. This will be achieved by using a foldable Retina display which could be unfolded whenever a headphone jack is plugged into the USB-C type port, because the headphone port will probably not be included. To ensure the perfect software hardware integration, apple is deciding to replace their infamous MacOS with the all new ThanOS, which is known to handle the infinity and foldable displays better.

The ThanOS is originally an alien tech. This means that the OS was originally developed for the Dell Alienware, but was not used because a company named Avengers, prevented them from doing so. Hence, the ThanOS developers, introduced the new concept of infinity stones, which allows the screen to get bigger with usage.

Hence, when you buy it, the Apple Macbook Air 2018 might be shipped with a 20 inch display, but with consistent usage and proper folding of the screen, one year later you might have a 100 inch screen.

However, a dispute between ThanOS developers and Avengers has been developing which will be solved at the Supreme Court on 27th of April.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

Editor in Chief

Antarctica Daily


Unidentified Flying Object gets Identified while Swimming

30 October,0086: No one prefers a know-it-all or a similar do-it-all, not because it is a disgrace, but mainly because it often lands the doer amidst trouble. And so it did. The infamous UFO aka the Unidentified Flying Object, got identified doing a task, which is as paradoxical a work to itself, as convergence of Riemann Zeta Function at one.

Uranium+ Fluorine + Oxygen —> Iodine + Sulphur + Oxygen

The sudden identification not only removed it from the List of Unknowns but also ensured that it could generate no more interest on the grounds of speculation. Last Monday, a fisherman in the Pacific found out a flying saucer, which he thought was really a saucer without the tea cup, swimming in the cyan waters. He immediately took the thing back home and despite intentions and temptations to place sauce on the saucer or something similarly similar, he placed it in the cupboard and called up the Village head to analyse the scientific and philosophical consequences of admitting a swimming saucer into his flourishing cupboard(flourishing with bacteria, I mean). The village head who did not live in the village and did not have a head instantly called up our reporters to analyse the saucer with more intense scientific procedures. Our reporters found out that it was indeed the Unidentified Flying Object which due to some utterly unanticipated reason was Swimming.

Although no aliens have been found hidden inside the identified Unidentified swimming Flying Object, it is believed that the saucer can be a great step forwards towards solving the Fermi’s Paradox.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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