10 Most Amazing Planets found in our Universe!

A Journey through the COSMOS!


Scary Insects can boost Productivity

Are you not happy with your performance? Perplexed about your productivity? Then this post is Just for You. Have a look at the following images and you will immediately young again….

Moon is a planet and Earth is its satellite, confirms Astronomer

30 February 0062: Question was Whether Moon is a planet? Answer included that not only the moon is a planet but it even has a satellite, namely, Earth. On interviewing the man who never lied, better known as Dr Maroon Mars declared without a slightest sign of hesitation, without a single drop of sweat popping…

Dinosaurs invented cellphones 65 Million Years before we did

30 February,0043: Human beings often boast about their intelligence and invention skills. But who knew that 65 Million years ago, one of our most talked-about invention was already invented by our evolutionary ancestors. Dinosaurs belong to the class reptilia under phylum chordata. They were supposed to possess lower intelligence until last weekend when a dinosaur…

New ‘Fission Funny’ is equipped with six reverse gears

30 February, 0037: What goes up, always comes down. But what goes front may not always come back. However, now the brand new Fission Funny will! It has a top speed of 240 mph in the reverse direction. The car manufacturers believed that this remarkable innovation could help improve the traffic rules around the world….

Computer Chaos Crucifies Customer

30 February, 0036:  Some people are always there to create confusion when there is simply nothing to worry about. And people who deliberately call up the customer service for the silliest of the reason are not an exception. Two days ago such an incident had a widespread effect upon the entire world. The customer who…