T-Rex’s HEART found to be BEATING 100M years after FOSSILIZATION

30 February,0101: A whole lot of speculation is already there surrounding the life of the Great Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex. But it was beyond the imagination of even the fiction writers and prolific film directors that one day its heartbeat will be calculated.”We were and in fact still are in pretty much of a shock. Just like everyone we too associate the fact that the heart is beating with the fact that the animal is still alive. Although not much of flesh is left in the degraded fossil of the dino, a beating heart is enough to scare us of a resurrection.”  said Australian Botanist Dr. Kang Roo.

On careful calculation the heart beat turned out to be about ’26i’ per minute, where i is the imaginary number. Mathematician Jerome Boka was the first one to theoretically predict on pen and paper the probable heartbeat and then measured it using a headphone (as a replacement for stethoscope). Although there has been no confirmation about the matter from the experts in medicine and anthropology, the mathematicians and, due to an unknown reason, Botanists seemed to have uncovered a tantalising potential hidden in the recently discovered fact.

As the theory goes the t-rex’s heartbeat is not exactly what we mean when we talk of a heartbeat. It was observed to be a simple harmonic motion of the degraded heart muscle tissue which was oscillating at a plane perpendicular to the median sagittal plane. Instead of using vector notation, in a moment of brilliance the Mathematician modelled the heart beat using complex numbers and found its time period to be another complex numbers which in turn yielded the heartbeat of 26i per minute.

Several questions have already arisen like,

  1. How can a degraded muscle tissue in a fossil represent a heart?
  2. If the heart is beating is the t-rex dead?
  3. What does the fox say? (fox=anthropologist)

and most importantly,

4. What EXACTLY was a mathematician doing with T-Rex Fossil???



WARNING: After the Sun Sets today, the Earth would be plunged into DARKNESS

30 February,0096: It was thought to be a myth, but it is an established fact now. Just as the Sun goes down, our Mother Earth would be plunged deep into darkness. If you are reading this article, then continue reading if you really want to see light ever again.

Around the world, the scientists have already predicted the time the sun will set today. But what will happen after that is still unknown. Darkness, as the name suggests, is going to engulf our mighty planet.

Survival guide:

  • If you are indoors, then ensure that all your light bulbs and tubes are functioning as they can come handy during Darkness.
  • If you are outdoors, then try to look towards the sky. If you do not see the sun, which you probably won’t, try looking for other minute dots of twinkling light on the sky. These are stars and observing them can be an effective way to find your way back home.
  • If you can see a large white heavenly body, then rejoice because you have just located the closest heavenly body to Earth, the moon, it can substantially help you deal with darkness.
  • Accumulate emergency stuff like, Torches, batteries, first aid box, as all the shops would be closed within four to five hours of darkness.
  • Unite with your family and stay together, it would be a good idea to move into a large community hall with your neighbours.
Beware, it is coming…..


  • After much hard work, scientists have predicted that all the time zones won’t be affected by this darkness at the same time. At a given time only half the world would be in darkness.
  • The probability that the sun will rise again tomorrow again is 1.
  • The scientists have termed this state of darkness and absence of illumination as NIGHT.


Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
Website: http://www.antarcticadaily.weebly.com