Cars to have an Incognito Mode in 2019

16 March 2018

History will be made as History won’t be made. Intstead, it’s gonna be deleted. Not only your Browser history. You now have a chance to hide your Cruising history.

Car collector and history deletor Dr Shift Del said, “I always felt like my car was getting tracked by someone. From now on, I can be confident about my privacy”. On being asked about the first thing she plans to do after buying such a car, “I will drive my car from Cape Town to Vladivostok without telling that to anybody” was her reply, although we are sure that she had just told us about it. Maybe she mistook the incognito mode for a delete history button.

This feature allows only Car Manufacturers and your Internet Service Provider to keep track of your location, which is creepy because presently no one keeps track. But they claim that very soon we will have organisations which will have an eye on every car and then plan an organised car autopilot hack, due to which, you might find your car parked next to your Boss’ with an appreciable scratch on his car. Or you might wake up to find that your car is parked in the middle of a highway.

It is not clear whether having the Incognito Mode will be a boon or bane? But, being deletors of History as we are, you can pretty much guess the answer.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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