Check out the BEST and MOST DOWNLOADED apps of this year

30 February 0103: The exhaustive list of the coolest, newest and the most helpful apps ever downloaded in the history of mankind!

  1. MS WEIRD: The most exciting app of the year yet. People have been dying to download the app as the developer MilliSeconds has decided to distribute only 99 Million copies of the app. Presently bids of as high as 3 Million Dollars are up at auctions round the world by some 50,000 people for the last 2 downloads. Although the function of the app is unknown, it is believed to be immensely useful.
  2. WaterLEMON: This cooking app is different. While others merely read out recipes, this app helps your smartphone cook. It makes the phone vibrate in extreme intensities which adds to the thermal energies of the food and cooks food in situ.
  3. SingSong: NOPE. It is not any karaoke or music downloading software. But it is the sweet talk back King Kong (sweet kingkong = singsong). This app can help people deal with loneliness and has proved to be a hit in the recent years.
  4. Nothing: With 30 Billion downloads in the last microsecond itself, this app has broken every limit. The developers Still Nothing decided to make an app with nothing. People have loved this app and Social media  has been filled with updates and experiences with the app which has nothing and is  just a black screen. It makes you feel that you are engaged in your smartphone and yet be immersed in reality, which is typically helpful for overhearing STUFF. With a staggering cost of 1 Trillion GBP per download, the developers have already acquired a net worth of $ 6.o22 × 1023.
  5. FREE: This free app is the only app to have surpassed Nothing in terms of downloads [not in terms of revenue as Everything is free {we meant, Nothing is not free (Mathematical Reasoning)}] with 83 gogolplex downloads per attosecond. The reason of so many downloads is that this app gets uninstalled before even getting installed and hence has to be downloaded again and the cycle continues.