Why does the Sun Shine?

25 March 2018

Before you click on the ‘New Tab’ button, search for the aforementioned question and read the extract from an authentic website, let me tell you the reason. The sole reason why the Sun shines, is to appreciate the existence of the Sunshine Blogger Award, which was destined to be named after it!

A weird coincidence is that, I am Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay. No wait, that is not the coincidence. My name, when translated to English from Bengali means Sunlight or as the creative people might tell you, Sunshine!

My blog was nominated by A Typical Teenage Bookworm, who besides books and series likes to feast upon chocolate and tea.

Her blog has an amazing theme and layout that makes you wanna read her magnificent articles, all in one go!

How It Works?

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate up to 11 blogs and ask them 11 new questions.
4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your blog-post (The original Logo as many bloggers have realised already, is on a vacation and could not be found anywhere)
5. Rules are to tweak; Take it easy.

I am Answering the Questions. But, don’t Question my Answers!

  1. What’s your favourite kind of pasta? Nowadays we all have the habit of modernizing every word. Got to becomes Gotta, Want to becomes Wanna. So I guess, the word Pastime became Pasta. My favorite pastime is indeed learning. To get a better hint on what I like to learn, check out an answer to a question, later in the list.
  2. Is there a Book which somehow changed or influenced your life? And if yes, how? Promise me you won’t immediately read the answer to the fifth question if you read this one. I can almost see your eyeballs drifting downwards! Well, that book is Three Men in A Boat (click here to download the PDF), a classic by Jerome K Jerome. The book, had it not been written, would have resulted in me becoming one of those grim faced people, I often complain about, who, by the way, if had been me, would have been complaining about, a person, who is like the “me”, that is writing this blog post!
  3. Name three artists of the surrealism without looking it up. I’m not looking up. I’m looking straight into the screen of my laptop. And I am searching about it on Google. Oops, Google doesn’t want me to search about surrealism! I bet google was tipped off earlier about this by a typical teenage bookworm!
  4. Your least favourite trend from 2017? I actually travel back in time. So, the last year I lived before 2018 was 2019. My least favorite trend in that year was people leaving for Mars as Earth was destroyed, about which you will read more in question 6!
  5. What made you publish a blog? Hopefully, you are not reading this one after the second question. Well, I published the blog because, I read 3 Men in a Boat, which literally changed my life. Also, so did another bengali book called Ha Ja Ba Ra La by Sukumar Ray. Also, my brother Soumyodeep (an amazing photographer) really motivated me for having a blog. Also, I did a star correspondence from Times of India, which improved my report writing skills. Also, nope not anymore, that’s it!
  6. How Long do you think would our earth survive if we’d continue just like we do now? You have read question 4. You know when. The reason earth will be destroyed in 2019, is because it will strike with an asteroid while absent mindedly taking a selfie to post on MilkyGram, the photo sharing app of this galaxy.
  7. One thing that makes you want to get up each morning and puts a smile on your face. The essential knowledge that eighteen hours later, I will go back to sleep, AGAIN!
  8. Do you prefer poetry/books/anything written or photography/movies/pictures? OR: Do you prefer expressing one’s thoughts in written or pictured form? I like written stuff. Reason? Written stuff is one-dimensional. Pictorial stuff is two dimensional, for a picture, three dimensional for a movie and four dimensional for a 3d movie! Written stuff just makes others endure through one’s thoughts which is essential for effective communication.
  9. The biggest role model in your life and why? For now, it is Richard Feynman. He has an incredible ability to teach. His lectures, even the advanced ones, are understandable by the general public.
  10. Have you ever watched The Breakfast Club? (if not: go, get up and watch it! if yes: who’s the funniest/most amusing character in your opinion?) Although I applaud a healthy breakfast and am a member of a few local clubs, I am yet to watch The Breakfast Club!
  11. If there’s one single thing you could thoroughly learn and be able to do afterwards absolutely perfectly, what would it be? (it could be anything, guys) It would be perfectly learning to learn other things perfectly. That way, I could do everything perfectly!

Answer What Follows and You will be gifted a free Icecream the next time you visit Antarctica.

  1. Who do you think owns the continent of Antarctica? (Try not to Google)
  2. Would you ever publish a book?
  3. If you were a worm, how long would you be?
  4. Define definition along with examples of examples.
  5. Write a question you would like to answer but don’t answer it. Now write three sentences about self control.
  6. What was your favorite moment of FRIENDS?
  7. Do you correct autocorrect more than autocorrect corrects you?
  8. What is the single most valuable piece of advice anybody has ever given you?
  9. Name the people you are proud to have in your life. Now, disclose to them that there exists a newspaper from Antarctica called Antarctica Daily
  10. If a new element was being added to the periodic table and it is to be named after you. What properties do you want it to have?
  11. What question you will never answer honestly. Write that question and an accompanying dishonest answer!

Now the Fun Part, where I nominate others…

Few Slots are still empty, which will be filled in very soon!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

Editor in Chief

Antarctica Daily





How to Write a Book?

1 February 2018

Books are instruments that record, analyse, summarise, organise, debate and explain information; that are illustrated, non-illustrated, hardbound, paperback, jacketed, non-jacketed; with foreword, introduction, table of contents, index; that are indented for the enlightenment, understanding, enrichment, enhancement and education of the human brain through sensory route of vision. Sometimes Touch. And also Smell.*

To write a good book is a herculean task. But to write a book which is good is so easy that even an infant does it without a single noise. But writing a good book which is good, is what we will discuss today as it is neither difficult nor easy!

You can Read this Book from Amazon (click here), to readily appreciate the existence of good books which are good.

Now I will outline the points you need to keep in mind if you want to write a good book!

  • Write with a legible handwriting: If you want your book to be handwritten then do not be a doctor while you write it. If you want it to be printed, however, we advice you to write like a doctor with Parkinson’s disease on a mechanical bull during an Earthquake and let your publisher deal with the nuisance.
  • Choose a questionable topic: For Example, ‘This book is invisible‘, ‘You are illiterate’ and ‘I know what you will do next summer’. A book like that will immediately make the reader curious and the person will buy the book ASAP.
  • Print in Mirror Image: Be the daVinci of twenty first century by printing in mirror image. Let the readers use a mirror to read every single word and then suddenly revrse the text again and savour the confusion among readers when they battle with the mirror image of the mirror image and enjoy the way they’ll use two mirrors to read the normal text.
  • Assume that the reader knows everything: Since the reader knows everything, print an empty book and sell it as a notebook! Also claim that you have actually printed in permanently invisible ink!
  • Insert hyperlinks in the Printed Version: Printing Click here, here and there, frequently and linking them to your other books gives the reader a feel of the modern internet while relishing the ancient practice of reading books.
  • Spray Deo on your books: Many People buy books only to smell them, so give them something to talk about!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

P.S. *This definition of book was given by Ranchhordas Shyamaldas Chhanchad aka Phungsuk Wangdu.

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10 Meaningful Ways to use a Dictionary

11 January 2018

Everyone knows what a dictionary is. If you don’t, just search in a dictionary. Here are 10 ways to use the dictionary :-

  1. To ostentatiously flip through pages in a boring lecture.
  2. To fill up your empty bookcase.
  3. To raise your laptop or tablet from the table, thanks to its width.
  4. To find complicated definitions for simple words.
  5. To find complicated words for simple definitions.
  6. As a pillow for napping during study time.
  7. As a dumbbell to buff up your muscles.
  8. As a weapon to kill an insect by smashing it down or trapping it between pages.
  9. As a secret container to hide your pistol.
  10. As a symbol of enlightenment.

Undoubtedly, a dictionary is very helpful as is proved by the aforementioned points. In case, you know some better ways to use the dictionary, do share in the comments.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay



Walking in Rain is Easy

Almost as a daunting venture, I have successfully failed to comply with the title of the book in the first chapter itself. Instead of a ‘thought experiment in lonely solitude’, I did a ‘physical experiment with a friend of mine’ to investigate the above mentioned hypothesis. I have jeopardized the life of my friend and have been sued by his parents for ‘an academic attempt to end an innocent life’, but despite the odds have found a profound answer to the question of “Whether is it easy to walk in rain?” The short answer is Boolean and is ‘NO’. The long answer is what the remaining of the chapter is about.
You see, I had already warned my friend that the experiment we are about to perform is dangerous, well I don’t remember whether I had exactly used the word ‘dangerous’, I may have used Interesting, but either way I wished to convey the same meaning. I am saying this to ensure that you too should not sue me for endangering my friend’s life. So the plan was to wait for the rain and when it does come, to walk in it. It did come, quite suddenly, exactly when I was about to go to college. So I had to cancel college. Also I had to kidnap my friend temporarily to make sure that he too misses college. After punching me twice symbolically for compelling him to miss college, and hugging me twice soulfully for compelling him to miss college, he gave in to the testing of the hypothesis.
So we chose a submerged plot of land, and while the heaven was pouring uncontrollably, we decided to walk on it. I sent my friend first, and my friend went first, quite proudly. I was beginning to write off the observation as ‘walking in rain is easy’, until my eyes caught onto a peculiar pattern. For every step that he took, my friend was diminishing in size! I initially blamed it on the visual perspective, knowing that things when faraway look smaller, but then I realized that the entire body of my friend was not diminishing in size uniformly. Though his height was reducing, his oversized head was still the same size! In fact, his hands, which were raised high up in the air, were being waved frantically which resonated alarmingly well with the “HELP ME!” shouts whose source, as one might unmistakably say, was his wide open mouth! It took me a few seconds to understand that my friend was gradually drowning. It took me a few more minutes to recollect that my friend had dropped out of the swimming course. And about ten minutes of careful observation and decision-making later, I really felt the need to go and help him. By then, only his longest hair protruded the water surface, which is odd considering the effects of surface tension of water-keratin interface. I being a master swimmer and winner of local swimming competitions, ran as fast as I could, with determination and dedication, in the opposite direction! It was really torturous and remorseful for me to observe my friend drown. In fact, the fear was so overwhelming that it washed away every single bit of helpfulness that had penetrated my mind.
That day, after dusk, I visited the same place again. The rain had stopped and the water had receded from the surroundings, but not from the spot, my friend had drowned. It was then, almost as a lightning, it struck me that the spot we had chosen to test a hypothesis on walking, was in fact the center of a small lake, or may be a periphery of a large lake, it depends on your perspective! People say, lightning doesn’t strike twice. Well it struck me! A hand possessing a familiar grip suddenly crushed my right shoulder. I turned around and faced a ghost. My friend, or his ghost, was staring me right into my eyeballs! But he looked older, way older. Then lightning struck for the third time and I realized it was his father! Who was angrier than when I had broken the windshield of their new sedan with a deuce ball. What happened next, I will prefer not to share, because I had once taken a vow that I will never let curse words contaminate my literary works. In short, I was taken to police station for an attempt to murder, unless my friend spoke up for me and said that it was he who had deliberately walked into the lake and that I was seemingly innocent. Though, he added the police can penalize me for compelling him to miss the day’s college and hence, miss out a lecture on topic of narcotic drugs, which he believed, was essential to his academic development. The police in turn, turned red with anger and sued my friend’s father for falsely seeing me with attempted murder, and gifted me with a big box of chocolates for being the victim of an attempted conspiracy! But who saved my friend after he drowned, is a mystery to me till date.
To conclude, the only thing I learnt is that you should never walk in the rain, even if it camouflages your tears. Hence, by the law of induction, we can prove that, walking in rain is NOT EASY!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily


BookWorms are Evolving into KindleWorms

30 February, 0156: Natural Selection as predicted by naturally selected Charles Darwin, grandfather of Charles Darwin, is indeed driving the caravan of evolution. With this discovery of evolution of bookworms, anthropologists have been mesmerised by this anthropogenic natural selection in which kindles have replaced books on our laps, followed by kindle worms evolving from bookworms, unfortunately, on our laps too! Today let us explore this marvellous change giving rise to the first ever Electronic Food Chain!


These worms called KindleWorms are known to reside inside tablets and kindles, the costlier the better. From Amazon to Kindles to iPad Pro they are omnipresent! They enter the device through the headphone jacks or charging ports and cause havoc inside the device. They first digest the processor, followed by lunching on the RAMs and eating up the internal storage! So if you find your tablet slowing down or signs of storage running out, you know who to blame. They attack the display at last and when they do this is how it looks:

Click Here to Find Out

We will like to thank those people from ‘Staggering Beauty’ who have been successful in capturing one of such worms and uploading it onto the web! Hope you will enjoy playing with the worm!!!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily


Doctor breaks all 206 bones of patient while sneezing during surgery

30 February, 0153: “Who can say for sure? Perhaps a frontal lobotomy would be the answer!”, said the doctor,before adding, “If science can operate on this distorted brain and put it into good use, Society would reap a great benefit!” Although, the doc said all this with an air of confidence, one hour later he tragically confirmed to the world that it was himself and not the patient who had the distorted brain!

Sneezing is good. It helps us get rid of intruders in our nasal cavity. In fact, sneezing has been regarded as a heroic act by several ancient civilizations. Often, we have observed, great empires being thrown over and newer empires being established only because the latter sneezed with more perfection! From establishing domination to ensuring victories in battles, a mighty sneeze is indeed what brave human beings look forward to!

But who knew that such a noble task such as sneezing could break hearts of so many people and what’s worse, break so many bones, in fact all, of one person. It was three days before the day after tomorrow, that is, yesterday that the doctor was attempting to attempt a frontal lobotomy, which is a pretty illegal surgery nowadays, on a 123.456 years old, rather young, as he likes to call himself, man, who had apparently been suffering from tweet syndrome, in which, one person can not refrain himself from tweeting meaningless tweets, often incomplete with invented words, especially at the middle of the night!

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Ssup Bro! How’s life?

The surgery began pretty well, with the doc making ostentatious hand movements which dazzled the innocent interns who were either presently absent or absent-mindedly present there. Unnoticed by everybody, a vicious mosquito was advancing towards the engulfing premises of the doctor’s nasal cavity. With one last flutter of wing, the mosquito successfully succeeded in succeeding to succeed to enter where many mosquitoes have only dreamed of entering. But the utterly sensitive nose of the doctor, in a moment of haste, sprang to life and what followed is probably the pinnacle of human endeavour towards modernisation. He sneezed! Not just a sneeze but a Sneeze, a big fat mighty SNEEZE!

We are unsure of what happened next, as no soul still confined within their bodies, retained their consciousness during such a cataclysmic event. What we do know, is that the patient with tweeter syndrome has fractured all 206 of his bones including the malleus, incus and stapes of both the ears!

A surgery that could have lasted only a few hours, gave birth to a situation in which the patient required at least a year worth of surgery. Our feelings and thoughts are with him tonight. 😦

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily


Polythick will replace Polythene

30 February, 0152: Very often in our rich history, have we discovered inventions and invented discoveries so intriguing that it has changed the whole history ever since, which if you think carefully, has in fact, changed the future of thence, as history could not be changed, unless you have a time machine or get hold of a few tachyons. But what happened last week  will surely be remembered by the posterity as the marvel of the millenia.

Right when we were starting to state than polythene will be the reason of extinction of human beings, some wise man from somewhere, did something so amazing that it is not yet entirely known what exactly he did, but sources say that he has devised a new type of material called Polythick, which as it sounds is a partial homophonic antonym of Polythene. Let us educate ourselves with the amazing properties of this ‘all new material’:

  1. It is not non-biodegradable like polythene, neither is it biodegradable. It is instead, Hyperbiodegradable, which means it degrades as soon as you synthesize it and degrades everything else around it, be it metals or wood simultaneously. It is believed to be THE thing that will help us out with waste  management.
  2. It is ductile, malleable, sonorous with high tensile strength and at the same time it is brittle, prone to corrosion, biosynthetic and responsive to touch.
  3. It can change colour depending upon the political situation. Presently it is red in US and Orange in India, though reverse is also not impossible.
  4. It has anti-gravity properties,  book made up of this can be difficult to put down.
  5. It can suddenly vanish and then reappear at a different place, in fact, Joking Growling has confirmed that this was used by Death to make the younger brothers’ invisibility cloak.
  6. Its cost can vary humongously, one second it could be a dollar for a ton, the next minute it might be Graham’s Number of Pounds for a microgram.
  7. It can be used to make bullets as well as clothes, but you should consider the 5th point above before buying such a dress.
  8. It is synthesized by adding the costliest water to a specific nutritious drink. (click to know which!)
  9. It does not catch fire when  placed in fire, but catches fire when drenched in water, and similarly, and also ironically, it is heavier than iron and lighter than feather.
  10. It even has artificial intelligence!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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