What if I told you that…

30 February, 0173: What if I told you that typing out Hypertext Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, jQuery, Asynchronous JavaScript And Extensive Markup Language, JavaScript Object Notation, Angular JavaScript, Personal Home Page Hypertext Preprocessor and My Structured Query Language along with Bootstrap and Font Awesome Content Delivery Networks makes me feel very satisfied and helps me attain bliss amidst the daily struggle of existence complicated by the societal tendency to breakdown our thoughts into smaller more comprehensive sentences without multiple clauses with proper punctuation only to facilitate the appreciation of the communicated ideas and prevention of loss of attention from the recipients of communication to improve the efficiency and amplify the reproducibility of such attempts to share knowledge, ideas and inspirational quotes while allowing the exchange of perspirational coats using hard working hands which by the utilisation of electromagnetic energy stored in the form of chemical energy of high energy phosphate bonds of a dinucleotide compounds allows us all to enjoy the materialistic and consumeristic pleasures of our lives while often enjoying minimalistic and aesthetic ones for a split second and then immediately reverting back to the old school perfectionism which by the way has proved to be the primary reason in my habit of referring to a childishly simple acronym by its full fledged full form that is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation assisted in-situ keratomileusis before taking a jump which albeit might be considered to be a small one for mankind but is definitely a cosmologically humongously ginormous one of an individual such as myself to provide a compulsively impulsive compulsion to enlighten the world with the tiny bit of knowledge that GNU which is an operating system is the short form of GNU’s Not Unix and also that WINE which is not an emulator but is used to run Windows programs in the Linux Operating System stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator thus bringing us to the point where I finally state that recursive acronyms are my favorites just like the jokes concerning it are such as the one which hilariously states that the B observed in Benoit B Mandelbrot actually stands for Benoit B Mandelbrot?

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay


#Apple launches #Apple #iPhone and Series 4 #Apple #Watch on #Apple’s special event

A brief look at the ironies of Apple’s new Special Event!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay (Deep Ark)

Life as a Differential Equation

An exploration of the metaphorical analogy between life and the derivatives…

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay (Deep Ark)

A Thousand Words

Let’s say that you have been asked to write about a thousand words…

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay (Deep Ark)


Motivation for Seeking #Motivation

A brief YouTube Video by Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay (Deep Ark), explaining why the only thing gained from motivational motivation, is the motivation to seek motivation itself!

The New Destination

30 February, 0171: An omnipresent dilemma is that of quality vs quantity. What is amazing is the fact that this dilemma manifests itself in multiple forms in our daily lives. When we are thirsty of knowledge, it is usually in the form of depth vs the breadth of knowledge. I mean, we can learn about the simplest explanations of Special Theory of Relativity in about an hour, however, to learn it in-depth it can last an entire chunk of our undergraduate degree. That time, had we been the admirers of breadth rather than depth, I am talking about knowledge by the way, could have been used to learn a thousand topics we always wished we would learn.

So, to summarise, it’s all about whether we wanna be the master of one subject or a, not jack, but definitely not master, maybe an informed individual in several subjects. Such dilemma, in which we fail to calculate the opportunity cost of choosing one over the other, leads us to future disappointments, namely, I wish I was more knowledgeable on that single topic, instead of stuffing my head up with all these minor things, or maybe, I wish I knew about a little about a plethora of things rather than being all centered about that one single topic.

But, we have a new destination, as the article heading suggests. We have Tyler Durden on one hand and we have our unquenchable thirst of knowledge on the other. And being the sort of person, we probably are, we smash them together, in an impulsive moment of  enlightenment and we end up with a thirst of knowledge in total abandonment!

We realise, that most of the knowledge we stuff into our head, will perish with our body when we die. We realise that should we not share knowledge and only learn, the whole purpose of learning would be unserved. And with these thoughts seated deeply in our mind, we take action. Action of sharing what we know.

There is a new blog in town. A Deep Ark. Here, I will share anything I learn about, in my own words. I am primarily fascinated by five core sciences. Economic Sciences, Medical Sciences, Mathematics (which is a language!), Computer sciences and Physical Sciences. These are the topics which would primarily fill the columns of that blog, although there might be guest appearances from philosophy, music, etc.

Deep Ark is actually a YouTube channel, yet to be polished into existence. But, A Deep Ark is live. It is my humble request for everybody to please follow that WordPress blog. I will be posting multiple times a week.

Everybody is welcome to like and share the articles of A Deep Ark, use the comment section judiciously for complaints or compliments and soon, there will be a guest section, so that even the viewers can share their area of expertise, in their own words.

Congrats, Geocentric Flat Earthers

30 February, 0170: Literally, We had no idea. Figuratively, however, we did, but that’s a different story altogether. The fact that the Earth goes around the Sun, our very own heliocentric model would be so brutally proved to be false, was clearly not within our unfathomably wide limits of fathomable fantasies. Not that we admired this heliocentrogeoglobulo theory unconditionally, in fact, we would have been quite happy to have been at the centre of the solar system upon a flat land, but such a mighty downfall of an even mightier theory, blew our mind away with such intensities that the government had to deploy ‘relief’ forces to put pieces of our brain back together.

It was a paper written by a victorious prankster and prank-victim of Victorian Era, Mr Victor Victim. This paper was initially written as a prank for his scientist friends, whose reactions he wanted to capture using a spy drone cam and upload them to the ancestor of YouTube, known as FewTube, as even FewDiePie had very few subscribers back then, probably because the world was without internet, or for that matter computers, or in fact the transistors and even alternating current was yet to be discovered. We are not sure, how Victor got access to the drone, but sources say that his access to this futuristic gadget was secondary to his access to another futile yet futuristic gadget which is considered futuristic even by today’s standards, which is future enough for his era. That gadget was probably a time machine.

Another anonymous source said, “I used the time machine to borrow a drone from Casey Neistat, and flew back in time to write the paper and shoot the video and then flew front in time to return the drone and ultimately settled in the future”. Despite the attempt to keep the source anonymous, our intellectually intelligent reporters have figured out that the source was none other than Victor himself, pertaining to the fact that the source talks about settling in the future and also the use of suspicious first person singular, which is a part of speech used only when a person talks about his own self.

After a little more research, we learned that the prank video was uploaded to YouTube and not FewTube, probably because Victor’s channel had 0 subscribers back then, but upon viewing the video and going through the comment section, we learnt that the entire scientific community has already been there and have accepted that the Earth is flat and is in the center of the solar system.

A video, that, if had been shared a little more than a century ago would have fooled only a few friends, have now fooled the entire human population as everybody has started believing in the geocentric flat earth model instead of the heliocentric globular earth model. This has resulted in psychiatrists formulating a new law of psychology, namely, The law of Accuracy, which states that Anything and Everything seen on the Internet is the Absolute Truth, irrespective of  scientific evidence, logical reasoning and especially of, common sense!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay