Poem: Ten Men Refrain to Train Brain

26 April 2018

We all have a brain,
It is our domain,
To maintain,
And sustain,
The habit of asking Intelligent Question,
Right when,
There is a hurricane,
In the Mountain,
Or a lion’s den,
On a flat plane,
And right then,
We drink champagne,
With cocaine,
To cure the pain,
Of migraine,
To have the discomfort wane,
And let euphoria reign,
Be insane,
So we can feign,
A blood stain,
Off a burst vein,
As we entertain,
With no complain,
Till it can pertain,
To our campaign,
Of being humane,
But not mundane,
Or profane,
As we obtain,
The keys to untie a chain,
That’ll help us explain,
The need to retain,
What still remain,
Before we get slain,
But then again,
There are men,
Counting ’em you get ten,
Who refrain,
To train,
Their brain!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay


You Won’t Remember This After 5 Minutes

5 February 2018

Human brain can remember a lot of information for a long amount of time. Other than the time we take a test or try to impress a person, our brain can easily be considered to be the best computer, one has ever used.

However, it is proven by scientists that whenever we read a specific set of sentences, we tend to forget whatever we had learnt recently. No matter how essential for us it was to remember what we had learnt, we will undoubtedly forget it within 5 minutes, provided we utter a strange sequence of sentences, loudly. At the end of this article you will find five of such sentences.

But first let us give you something to remember, so that you can forget it. Read the following 5 sentences.

Antarctica is the Southernmost continent. Antarctica is inhabited by penguins. Penguins are more intelligent than humans. Penguins will take over the world. Be very afraid of penguins.

Now, repeat these sentences for 5 times loudly yet silently. Then repeat it once again after 5 minutes and when you do so, you will realise that these sentences which you wanted to remember, to forget, are the sentences which will make you forget what you remember.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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Brain-Dead Paralysed Patient transplants his own brain into Doctor’s head

30 February, 0138: People have questioned whether almost a decade worth of medical education is sufficient enough to build doctors who are the engineers of human body, unlike the engineers, who are the doctors of anything, that is not a human body. Although we are still as far away to prove it, as far we are to disprove it, we have come exceptionally close to proving another fact that even without education, a human, a patient above that, a paralysed one above that too, a brain dead paralysed patient even above that too can perform extremely complicated surgery upon the man who was actually supposed to do exactly the same on him.

Last Monday, one Brain-Dead Patient signed a deal with a surgeon, stating that he will allow the doc to perform a state of the art brain transplant into a cadaver’s body. Although it is still not confirmed, how a brain dead person could sign a deal, the investigation is presently postponed to a later date, as apparently the intelligence agencies are having bigger priorities. Last Tuesday, the surgery was scheduled. Everything proceeded as it should have, however, the result of the entire process was a dangerously dangerous danger.

The doctor, as the nurses have confirmed had initiated the surgery well, but got distracted, when his phone beeped once because of a notification. Later it was confirmed to be, “Your troops are ready for battle” from Clash of Clans. The doctor had recently joined the legend league and could not afford to wait till his first battle. He instantly sat down on the chair beside him and started to play. The patient suddenly woke up, and in a matter of minutes, till the battle lasted, with hands of dexterity, swiftly interchanged his brain with the doctor’s. The doctor suddenly felt a change of perspective as his brain started receiving data from the patient’s sensory organs. He tried to get hold of his smartphone, but he realised that the patient was paralysed and thus he could not move his hands. Thus the doctor could not move, while the patient in doctor’s body took control of the situation.

Later it also turned out that the doctor was basically raiding the patient’s village, who was also in the legend league. Thus the patient did not waste a second and immediately surrendered. Hence the patient won the battle from the doctor’s body by controlling the doctor’s troops. But the patient whose brain was supposed to be dead was mistaken and interchanged with the cadaver. It turned out that, the cadaver’s body whose body was dead had by miracle, his brain alive. A nurse had foolishly placed the cadaver’s body in the patient’s place. Now the Cadaver’s brain was in the doctor’s body while the doctor’s brain was in the cadaver’s body while the whole world thought that the patient’s brain was in doctor’s body and vice versa. But this fact came to light only after the cadaver i.e. the doctor was buried. Now the nurses got inspired by the case and interchanged each other’s brains. All this time the brain dead paralysed patient was lying still, and observing the situation by his sixth sense. He was extremely indignant, as the cadaver, who was a lowly titan league player was now enjoying doctor’s village. The cadaver now, confidently left the operation hall, in doctor’s body, stating that the operation was successful, but the patient had died. Thus the patient was shipped to the morgue and cadaver to the graveyard, which was actually the doctor, who could not move, not because of paralysis, but because of rigor mortis.

Ultimately, when all the events came to light, the doctor was dug up and the patient was retrieved from morgue. Now, their brains were interchanged but still noone moved, as one was paralysed while the other one was dead. Hence, considering this operation to be unsuccessful, the new doctor left the room and the nurses who had interchanged the brains again interchanged it, returning to normal life and rushing to Antarctica Daily Headquarters to report about the incident(that was how we came to know about all this.)

As the end result, the brain dead patient’s brain, ended up in cadaver’s body and was happily buried full dead. The previous doctor was in paralysed patient’s body and continued his life on a wheelchair. The cadaver’s brain was in the doctor’s body, who was also the same person as the new doctor, who did the second surgery (no one recognised him as he was in a camouflage.) and continued his life as a respected doctor and a legend league player.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
Website: Our Simple yet Elegant Website

Human Brain is a Vestigial Organ!(and PARASITIC)

30 February, 0100: To all those who have grown up being discriminated against for not being Intelligent, Kindly Take Note HUMAN BRAIN IS VESTIGIAL i.e. USELESS.


Our Brain takes up a lot of our oxygen we take in acting as if it is doing a lot of hard work. But Scientists have recently pulled the veil off the mystery from the speculations that The BRAIN is the most important part of our body. It is actually the Liver which despite having fewer nerves that the brain seems to be the main centre of our intelligence. The Brain is not only a terrible Impostor sitting up on the sacred head taking up a lot of oxygen, it also keeps track of all the decision that our Liver takes and feed that off to Spies.

An arrest warrant has already been issued by the body police department and T-Lymphocytes are surveying the papers of our brain to ensure that whether it is a potential danger to our body. Phylogenetic experts have shown that ever since the arthropods, the brain was totally non helpful and in some sense a vestigial organ. It was even classified by the microglial cells as a Potential Terrorist and Pancreas termed Brain as a parasite on our human body. Very soon, the President of our Body, the Heart-broken Heart who was a supporter of Brain earlier has released a statement saying that if found guilty, the brain would be forced to emigrate to our feet and will receive only a nominal fraction of the oxygen it receives now.

BUT for now, it can be said that, DO NOT TRUST YOUR BRAIN.


Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
Website: http://www.antarcticadaily.weebly.com