How to Permanently stop BUFFERING?

30 February, 0145: On YouTube, we come across several videos about chemistry, many of which are about physical chemistry. Out of which, many deal with Equilibrium and out of them many deal with Ionic Equilibrium. If any one plans to be a successful chemist or murderer (as will be explained later) then it is of utmost importance that he understands the phenomenon of Buffering.

Buffer is a chemical solution like our blood which temporarily resists the change in pH. To stop the buffering action we can take the following steps:

  1. Not add the weak acid salt of a strong base to the weak acid.
  2. Not add the weak base salt of a strong acid to the weak base.

We can exploit the Henderson-Hasselbach Equation to further enhance the removal of the buffering action.


Henderson-Hasselbach Equation

This can immensely help chemist in understanding the chemistry of buffers.Also, it can help murderers in killing people as the human blood is a buffer and can resist the changes in pH. Therefore the slightest dose of a poison can kill the victim if  the buffering action is removed somehow. The people who would be helped the most are the Chemists who are also murderers!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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