Did you drink the World’s Costliest Water?

The costliest Drinkable water is now being sold for $ 100 Trillion.


How being BAD can Save your life?

30 February, 0076: Many news channels reported that a live wire electrocuted an entire passenger bus leading to the death of 39 people on board. But all the sources had shared the incomplete news and just according to our reliable promise, we hereby, bring to you the full story regarding what happened in Iceland when THE LIVE WIRE electrocuted the bus.

New ‘Fission Funny’ is equipped with six reverse gears

30 February, 0037: What goes up, always comes down. But what goes front may not always come back. However, now the brand new Fission Funny will! It has a top speed of 240 mph in the reverse direction. The car manufacturers believed that this remarkable innovation could help improve the traffic rules around the world….