Scientists Create New Breed of BONELESS CHICKEN

30 February,0102: The worst part of savouring the chicken preparation is to have our tender teeth bite onto the hard and rigid chicken bones. People have lost their teeth. They even have swallowed the bone pieces sometimes and almost chocked on it. People have been complaining. And at last their prayer was answered. Not by Nature through the medium of a mutation, but by scientists through the medium of hybridisation.

In one of the most innovative crosses ever attempted in the history of mankind, scientists succeeded in crossing the genetic recipe with the food recipe. “It was a very difficult and delicious task. We had to test many genes and taste many cuisines. Ultimately we ended up with hybridising Gallus gallus domesticus with Crustaceans like Macrobrachium rosenbergii and ended up with a breed that neither has the exoskeleton of prawn nor the endoskeleton of chicken.” said Leading Scientist Dr Ham Burger. Foodies have already termed the Experiment as The Most influential Discovery of the Era.

Scientists believe that in near future they will be able to create Chickens which will be flavoured naturally like Chilli chickennalis and Manchuriana chickena. Future is Tasty!


Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily