Blood Floods Clown Town

11 April 2018

A massacre took place. A man with a machine gun, killed a hundred innocent inhabitants of clown town with a knife. Why he did not use the machine gun is not not known, however. As a result, blood flooded the streets of clown town, which is located to the North of Frown Town.

After killing those people, the killer found out that those were not people in the first place. They were instead watermelons disguised as people. Instantly, he came up with the idea of running an errand and earning some money. He sold those cut pieces of watermelon for five bucks and earned quite a fortune.

He used this money to hire investigators so as to find out if blood was not shed, what exactly did flood the town. To this the investigators turned red and blushed before admitting that it was  out of their ability to solve such a mystery.

Hence, the killer hired Sherlock Holmes. Holmes arrived and within a second said, “It’s elementary my dear Watson”, which is weird because Watson was nowhere near, and then swiftly pointed to the sunglass the killer was wearing, which allowed only red colour to pass through.

The killer instantly understood the mystery behind the red colour, but he still did not know what the fluid was which appeared red. But before he could ask that, he sneezed and the machine gun fired twenty round of bullets into his own abdomen and he instantly flooded the street himself. This time, the flood was red even without the sunglass.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

A Weird Wednesday Post


Modular Kitchen and Sizzling Humans

5 March 2018

Everyday while returning from work, he saw a small shop at the Southern corner of the 5th block in St Peter’s Avenue. The small shop had no shopkeeper. It did not sell any goods. It was just an air conditioned cubicle with a modular kitchen setup. On the dilapidated banner hanging right above the transparent glass door, was written in algerian font, “For Sale”. The only thing that bothered him about this setup was the presence of juicy meat sizzling upon the Induction oven.

He had recently moved to a new unfurnished flat following an appreciable hike in his salary. He wouldn’t have denied, had you asked him then, his temptation to buy that specific kitchen set-up and install it in his new home. The next day, driven by his new desire, he stopped in front of that cubicle shop. No one was inside. He pushed open the door. The delicious sizzle greeted him, along with the aroma of well cooked meat. He walked into the shop.

Inside, all was silent, except the sizzle. The din of traffic was restricted on the other side of the glass door which sealed shut as soon as he walked in, to ensure that the conditioned air did not leave the confinements of the shop.

But a shock greeted him as soon as he turned back. Through the transparent doors all he could see, was not the bustling traffic of the street beyond but instead, was a reflection of him. Clearly, the door was photochromatic. Light traversed out but not in. Being claustrophobic, his breath rate and pulse quickened. Sweats popped up disobeying the air conditioner. He began to look around.

He stared into the sizzling dish resting upon the induction oven. His gaze got fixed. Along with some juicy pieces of meat, was an artefact that exponentiated his fear. It was an ear. A human ear.

Suddenly, the lights went off. A sharp blow. The end.

Who knows who will be tempted in tomorrow by the visual aroma of his sizzling flesh cooking upon the induction oven of a modular kitchen setup, because by tonight the flesh that had attracted him in would already be eaten.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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Hydrogen jailed for not obeying Gas Laws

30 February, 0075: Last Sunday a heartbreaking news broke the Hearts of all chemists and periodic table elements after officers of PEP (Professional Elemental Police department) declared that Hydrogen has been jailed for not following the gas Laws.

At Morning, when Hydrogen was going to a round bottom flask after being liberated from an acid by a reactive metal it was seen that it did not control its increasing volume while moving with an increasing Pressure. ‘H’ was given a warning for not following the Boyle’s Law but soon after he was once again seen violating the Gay-Lussac’s Law. Ultimately at afternoon when he once again failed to follow the Charles’s Law he was directly taken into custody by PEP officials for not following 3 important Laws. On the route to the jail he was once again seen not pressurizing the walls of the container enough and hence violating the Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure.

Reports suggest that he will be behind the bars for the next few daysand hence Human beings could face immense trouble keeping up with fusion reactions in the Sun.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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