In a current conference, Ampere appreciated Volt’s Potential while Ohm resisted himself from sharing his electrifying criticism

30 February, 0077: Last Monday, a conference was held in the middle of Bermuda Triangle which was attained by all the leading Physicist of the world including Ampere, Volt and Ohm.


Moon is a planet and Earth is its satellite, confirms Astronomer

30 February 0062: Question was Whether Moon is a planet? Answer included that not only the moon is a planet but it even has a satellite, namely, Earth. On interviewing the man who never lied, better known as Dr Maroon Mars declared without a slightest sign of hesitation, without a single drop of sweat popping…

New ‘oversmartphone’ to charge itself using WiFi signals

30 February, 0048: Surely this is the best news of the decade. Internet surfing just got redefined. No more worrying about batteries while using WiFi. A scientist from Chad has recently come up with a brilliant idea on how to convert electromagnetic waves into potential chemical energy of the battery which would generate a very…