Congrats, Geocentric Flat Earthers

30 February, 0170: Literally, We had no idea. Figuratively, however, we did, but that's a different story altogether. The fact that the Earth goes around the Sun, our very own heliocentric model would be so brutally proved to be false, was clearly not within our unfathomably wide limits of fathomable fantasies. Not that we admired this … Continue reading Congrats, Geocentric Flat Earthers


Gray’s Anatomy will use Picasso’s Paintings

30 February, 0169: It is widely known that Gray’s Anatomy is the most widely known book of Anatomy! It is also widely known that Pablo Picasso’s paintings are one of the best in the world. What wasn’t known however is that, the two of those could ever be compiled together within the same book covers! Right … Continue reading Gray’s Anatomy will use Picasso’s Paintings

Hundred Thousand Words

Yes, a hundred thousand words. That is the number of words which has been published in Antarctica Daily since its inauguration 3 years ago. And this number calls for a change. A massive change. A radical change. And the change will come. From today onwards! Antarctica Daily was about ideas. Written ideas. But ideas should … Continue reading Hundred Thousand Words

Costliest Book Ever

30 February, 0164: No doubts anymore. The all new Biblioking is indeed the costliest book. It has been priced at about a trillion dollars. Here are some of the features of the book: Every page of this book is an iPad. From the first one to the sixth generation zPad, every one has been included in … Continue reading Costliest Book Ever

Silent Songs Silences Singers

30 February, 0163: They were about to call the doctors, because it felt like that their ears were not functioning. But, after an hour long self diagnosis, it turned out that it was not their ear that could not hear, but it was the song that was silent. They, by the way, were other singers. The … Continue reading Silent Songs Silences Singers

Green Square to be added to the Chess Board

30 February, 0162: Chess is a fairly easy game if you can play fairly well. If you can’t however, you can now! The Grandmasters are introducing a new set of rules in the chess. The most interesting one among them is the introduction of the Green Square. The major concern among chess players of all ages … Continue reading Green Square to be added to the Chess Board

Amidst Pyramids in a Jeep from Egypt (Part 7)

This is a serial. Everyday a new part will be published. This is the last part. Continued from here. I was not just a banker, I was a banker who was sitting on his chair, at his desk in a bank seethed with turmoil. It seemed as if, the whole bank has gone crazy. There were … Continue reading Amidst Pyramids in a Jeep from Egypt (Part 7)