Obnoxious Inter-Planetary Chaos can cause Earth to Emigrate

30 February, 0091: This solar system is no more a safe place to live in. Some of Earth’s siblings like Saturn and Uranus along with other lowly comets and meteors have severely aggravated the Solar discipline by drawing foul conclusions of an extremely Chaotic situation and blaming it all on Earth. As a result, Earth and her single parent Sun have been called upon by the Milky Way Principal Saggitarius A in his personal office near the central bulge to discuss about the waning future of Earth and impose detention for 4 Billion Years.


It all began with Mars’ Moon Deimos clicking a selfie during the Assembly of moons. It was noticed by Phobos, his brother, who in an act of desperation reported the fact to Class Teacher Neptune. Neptune instantly called off the Assembly and rolled on towards Inner Solar system to talk to his mom Mars. Deimos noticed what was going on and hid himself carefully in the asteroid belt. However, Discipline Coordinator Proxima Centauri, who was in her rounds, found that Neptune was not in her class and all her students were illegally exerting gravitational influence on innocent meteors. Only Earth Moon was seen to be quite during the entire process, which led to the suspicion in the minds of Proxima that it was she who was the leader of all this. Meanwhile, Neptune managed to go past Jupiter and just as she was going past Ganymede Jupiter affectionately attracted her towards him and Neptune started orbiting him aimlessly. All the time Halley’s comet was travelling towards his Granny, Sun and just as he saw Aunt Neptune orbiting Uncle Jupiter, he instantly uploaded the status to FLASHBOOK, the most popular Social Media for Planets. Saturn went for a party along with Uranus where they were enlightened by their news feed that Neptune was in wrong company. We know that Saturn is smaller than Jupiter and Uranus(no puns intended) is a little smaller that Neptune, hence, they immediately grabbed the opportunity and instantly reshared the post to their friend circles for insulting Neptune and Jupiter. Proxima, who was in friend list of Saturn saw the post and immediately tagged Earth( she actually wanted to tag moon, but moon was under-age and did not have a flash book account.) Sirius took the matter seriously and reported it to the Principal Saggitarius who believed that Earth was the reason why all this stuff was happening. Few moons have been reported missing and few others have started orbiting wrong planets in the entire chaos.

Everyone expects that the condition will be back to normal but it is Earth who is in real trouble despite being innocent.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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