30 February, 0125: How much can a dollar fetch? Whatever the answer is, just know in the back of your mind that CHOCOLATE fetches more! One box of Ferrero Rocher can give you an Aston Martin. One Cadbury Gem is enough for a World Trip. No Currency Conversions, No Debts and No Inflation. This is the magic of CHOCONOMICS.

Adam Smith was found crying in his paradise apartment, last Monday when all the countries of the world including Antarctica, officially adopted Chocolate as their Currency. Although the news itself is enough to get you hungry, we have Chocomulated a few Reasons on Why you should Eat, Make and NOT SHARE Chocolate:

  • With a currency as valuable as Chocolate, no one will be poor as long as they own even a cube of chocolate.
  • Hunger would cease to be a problem as Currency itself would be edible.
  • You can generate Money at home with homemade chocolate coins like :

  • This also means that illegal Chocomoney dealers could trespass Metal Detectors in Airports with Chocolate in their stomach (provided they don’t digest it).
  • Instead of purses we will carry refrigerators for the best quality preservation of chocolates.
  • Like Gold, 24 Carat Chocolates will be preservative free, but for all practical purposes a minimum of Preservative might be added to make it a 22 Carat Chocolate.
  • Eradication of Insects and pests will be of utmost necessity as they will affect currency severely if they eat up even a milligram. But Scientists have already invented chocolates which when eaten by insects converts their faeces into chocolate chips.
  • Very soon IMF will be replaced by ICF (International Chocolate Fund) and banks will start issuing Chocoloans.
  • Dentists will experience a boom in the number of patients.

Reported by,  Sarbottama Chocolatobarty

Profile :

  • Credited with discovery of chocolate 500 years ago while playing chess in Antarctica.
  • Responsible for Willy Wonka’s decaying teeth
  • Has private connections with oompha loomphas
  • Net Worth : 30 Ferrero Rocher boxes, 50 Bourneville bars and 70 Toblerones

Edited by:

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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