Richest man goes bankrupt after buying the only Calculator which can calculate his Net Worth

30 February, 0120: Lil Bets had the worst nightmare amidst his Dream. After being nominated by all the leading Net Worth Calculator Magazines his confidence was hiked to the level beyond what could be called a safe level of confidence, and he immediately made an utterly bewildering bid in an auction.

To recheck whether the net worth calculated by the magazines was accurate he wished for a calculator smart enough that can calculate his real net worth. According to our estimates it was (yes, WAS as it is no more) the following:


The number is HUGE and by HUGE we mean HUGE!

Any Computer of fathomable technology can not even fathom a fathoming machine which can fathom this sort of a number!

Although, it turned out such a number could be crunched by the microscopic pocket calculator owned by an Indian actor named Rajinikanth!

So the bid was made and the money was paid and it turned out that the price of the calculator was equal to the net worth itself! So the Richest man paid the full amount and as a broke man received the calculator. But he instantly lost it and hence he was officially penniless!

This the saddest story of the  century…… :-((

PS: Rajinikanth donated the money to an alien community who burned the entire money to propel their rocket from Jupiter, their vacation home, where they ran out of fuel, to Andromeda Galaxy!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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