A Little Change of Plans

Old Plan was, I’ll have a new blog and write 365 poems in 365 days.

New Plan is, I’ll write 365 poems in 365 days on Antarctica Daily itself !

Why I chose to ditch the new blog? Who knows, but I’ll try to come up with a reason in today’s poem.

I thought I'll make a whole new blog,
But then my college got filled with smog,
Wait, it was smoke, due to a fire,
Whose scary flames kept rising higher.
I was on route to go to my college,
To learn from patients and earn some knowledge,
But I was in subway when father told me,
One of the college buildings is burning brightly.
Now, I a med student, so college is hospital,
Where we treat sick patient and mend broken skull,
Hence, I was really scared thinking about the patients,
What are they doing, Both the Ladies and Gents,
Thankfully humanity is surviving alright,
Colours of unity were displayed bright,
All worked together to save the admitted,
"United we Stand", the description fitted.
Students joined hands, so did the local men,
So did the staff and in came firemen.
Finally, fire was off, remained the smoke,
And a few scared patients of Fever and Stroke,
But their family members calmed then down,
Spread wide the smile, washed away got frown,
Together we survive, they taught me today,
When the skies are dark and times are gray,
So, I kept thinking hard while returning back,
I have still got another puzzle to crack,
Do I make another blog and start from the low,
Or keep writing here with uninterrupted flow,
Ultimately, when my stoppage came,
I remembered this blog's name,
It's Antarctica Daily, yes Daily it is,
So, if I post poems Daily, the readers I'll please!

As promised, I’ll post daily poems from 30.10.18 to 30.10.19. BTW, with only about 27 days remaining, I’ll start the final stage of preparation for the challenge. And then, from 30th, yep the marathon will begin…

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay


What is Essential for Education?

21 March 2018

What is essential? Learning for the end of term marks or Learning for the end of life satisfactions? Should we learn just to tear through the upcoming barrier only? Or should we study slowly so that we retain what we learn till the end of the life? I’m sure, you have the answer. But the rest of this article will make it difficult for you to hold on to it.

Many think that studying for the upcoming exam is more practical. Because, all that the world demands of you, RIGHT NOW, is to pass the next test. You can’t even qualify for the future courses if you don’t focus on the present. So you start to do so! But then you get so much indulged in the present, that you start dealing with topics which the examination board has never even thought about asking in the exam. In other words, you just lost the track. Your focus got diffused. You drifted into the zone where you study because you feel like. Not because you need that for the next exam.

But do you think, that is what is essential? Studying because you like it? Not focussing on the near future yet building your strong base for future challenges, about which most of your friends are not even thinking.

Let us have another view at the same topic. What is good? Passing with an appreciable score but having only the exam related knowledge? That way, you enter your future course with full confidence and distinction that might help you to pick up better. Or, do you wanna pass like an average and already know half the syllabus of the next course yet have a poor reputation?

More importantly, what is more essential according to you? Spending that extra time, which meticulous people earn by cutting down on relaxations, on improving your theory or practical? Because, for most of the cases, theory answers why yet practical answers how.

Without knowing how, you can’t live at the present. Without knowing why, you never know how to incorporate innovation.

All these questions plague the younger generations always. The battle between the present and future, theory and practical, how and why keeps on raging. So, according to you, which one should be given more importance? Or does the answer lie in successful combination of the opposites?

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

Editor in Chief

Antarctica Daily

A Speling Mistek and An Grammatical Error (feat. Dishonesty)

26 February 2018

Making spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are a part and parcel of writing and speaking respectively. We are often put into an embarrassing situation for a silly mistake that we could have easily averted, had we paid a little more attention in our childhood language classes.

We would not bore you with interesting spelling lessons nor would we show interest in boring grammar lessons, but instead we would talk about Dishonesty.

Dishonesty when dishonestly described is indeed defined as honesty. But, being honest, I must tell you that, though dishonesty is often the better policy, if not the best, it is theoretically, the antonym of honesty.

The only problem with honesty is that it often gets us into trouble which could have been easily avoided by being dishonest and blaming it onto someone else. This serves to be the prime incentive for being dishonest. Although people nowadays are getting increasingly comfortable with technology and dishonesty, clinging onto the almost extinct discipline of honesty is utterly essential.

To exemplify honesty, we had been dishonest in the title of this very article itself. Scroll upwards and read it once again. It talks about “A speling mistek”, which by the way is itself a dual spelling mistake. Eventhough there is no other spelling mistake in this article, the fact remains that boasting about a singular spelling mistake when two mistakes are present is, in simple terms, dishonesty. Then again, that’s what how good clickbaits look like. By the way, that was another example of dishonesty about dishohesty. Oops! Another speling mistek!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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Knowledge School University causes College Fool Scarcity

22 February 2018

The world is full of fools. These fools fail in every endeavour. What’s worse, they participate in every endeavour. But these fools fully fulfil the criteria, required to be classified as a college fool.

A College fool is one who goes to college. Not one, but every college. These people are called fools not because they are so, although they indeed are, but because they prefer to be called so, partly because they are inadvertently, so.

But development of Knowledge School Universities where knowledge is imparted even when swearing at the top of your voice [For example, Fluorine Uranium Carbon Potassium] has drastically reduced the countable number of college fools. Instead, they have massively exponentiated the cardinality of set of School fools.

A school fool is cool but hot when they are not and instead are, University fools. School fools are the same old college fools with a fancy name and the latter, the same with the fancier so. The fools collectively constitute a convincing community of compromised cephalic competence.

We may never find out who these fools really are as the answer is hidden in the future with present as the suture. Who knows, maybe the people we suspect to be one, suspects us back to be one too?



Antarctica Daily

The Terrible Teacher

Put simply, it is insanely difficult to put it simply. I have tried in English, French, Spanish and even Python, Java and QBASIC, for all are languages, but I have failed, undeniably miserably, at expressing what I was expected to, upon being asked the question, which though, was strangely metamorphosed into a morbidly labyrinthine piece of literature, was proclaimed to be an integral part of my syllabus, by my teacher, who I have attributed with, the epithet of being terrible, in the Heading of this post. I have known people who are brick walls in accepting any creative answer and I have met people who are sewage pumps in framing questions, but never have I ever, encountered the miserable phenomenon of facing a person, who simultaneously belongs to those two categories.

Five minutes in, and I declared that I could not make any more sense with my sensible answer, than I am doing right now. And then I had to explain why, upon receiving a stimulus. And then I had to explain why I answer rhetorical questions, which after answering, I realised was itself a self-interrogatory rhetorical question! And since then, I have been answering…..

I know not, when I may Stop (breathing, for that is the only way this Viva could end!).

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily


Studying 25 Hours a Day is not Enough

Let us talk about studying, by studying the way we talk. We shall conduct our study upon a person who studies a lot. Now since we are studying a person, who studies a lot, then we, ourselves, are also studying a lot. Hence, we can conduct the study on ourselves, itself. So let us study the way we study, to study the way we talk, to answer the question on whether we study enough or not?
First, we will create an imaginary ambience in which we will place our gluteus maximus followed by the rest of our body. After we are seated, we will first check the notifications on Facebook, the unread messages in WhatsApp and the latest video in the YouTube Feed. After half an hour of, “Oh, I just got carried away by this awesome YouTube video.” and a few other conclusive videos we will finally open our book. Facebook, I mean. We will drift through the irrelevant status updates, some strange profile picture updates accompanied with demotivatingly motivational captions and a handful of shared memories for another hour or so, before our self-control kicks in real hard, and for the first time in the last one hour and thirty minutes, which is equivalent to four thousand and eight hundred wasted seconds, we will finally observe our phone leave the warm contact of our palm and fingers, which would be warmer if the smartphone is from China and even warmer, in fact, to the extent of sizzling hot, and an aroma of barbeque, if the phone was the seventh note from a neighbor of China. We submissively, look towards the clock and realize that it shows thirteen past seven in the evening. Superstitious, as we are, we decide to let the time fly by a little more, so that we can start studying from seven thirty, which is a round figure. Twenty minutes of Instagram uploads later, we realize that the clock has once again proved to be treacherous, as the minutes hand was temporarily waiting at seven thirty three. “Eight it will be”, we take a grand oath and we return to upgrade a cannon in Clash of Clans. Right at eight, we emerge victorious from a battle and put our phone aside, only to pick it up five minutes later, thanks to the notification regarding the readiness of your army for another battle! Ultimately at eight thirty, we open our book. Not just any other book, but an e-book. But since we had forgotten to mute the notifications, few minutes later, we find ourselves swearing at the top of our voices, in the group chat named, “Best Friends Forever”.
The clock strikes nine and the ghrelin over secretion overwhelms our desire to study and magnetically pulls us to the dinner table. We feast like there is no tomorrow, and we emerge victorious, yet again. Our happiness, fails to persist however. We suddenly remember that we have a homework to complete. Twenty seven pages are to be written! Our desires alter within a second, and it becomes the prime intention of our life to complete the impending work. Our sole objective of our soul becomes, the submission of the homework tomorrow.
We write till two ‘o’clock in the night and then sleep through the initial lectures of the next day. In the last period, when we were supposed to submit the work, we discover that the teacher is absent, and hence the submission will be postponed till tomorrow!
That day while returning to home, torrential downpour and devastating thunderstorm destroys the notebook you wrote in and that night you redo the entire work all over again.
Hence we observed that, though we did the same homework twice in the last twenty five hours or so, we studied for the cumulative total of three minutes and forty seconds, despite believing firmly in our mind that we were studying all the time. This proves that studying twenty five hours is not enough and you should instead, use a time turner to study at least fifty hours a day!
Best of Luck…

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily


50 Grades of ‘A’

When the classes of the new session started, the Principal had specifically notified the class teachers, that this year, there would be no foolish pen wavings and silly gossips in the class. As such, she did not expect a lot of the students to appreciate the subtle science and exact art of education. But for those who possess, the predisposition, the teachers must know how to bewitch their personality and ensnare their minds. For example, the chemistry teacher must teach the students how to bottle nitric acid, brew standard solutions and even put a stopper at the end of a burette. But then again, maybe some of the students come to the school with abilities, so formidable that they don’t pay attention in the class! “Mr. Cutter, our new English teacher!” observes the principal, “Tell me, Mr. Cutter what do we get when we add a subject to a predicate?” she adds. “A sentence, Ma’am”, pipes out Mr. Cutter. “Incorrect! We get a clause, which if we do in winter, is called Santa clause! Pity! Clearly, three master’s degrees in English isn’t everything, is it Mr. Cutter?” The entire room of well qualified teachers stood motionless in pin drop silence. “I want 50 students from each class to get the Grade A”, commands the Principal. “But I have only 46 students in my class.”, reports Mrs. Crater, the math teacher. “Which part of 50 A Grades did you not understand, you old sack of numbers? Better start giving multiple grades to the same student, or else the school management might think that you are………..UP to something!” barked the principal. “Madam, what if we make easy question papers to ensure students get better marks? That way we wouldn’t have to work hard and neither the students will have to lose their sleep.” suggested Mr. Butter, the History Teacher. The Red Eyes of the Principal, reddened further with fury. “Tell me more Mr. BUTTER, are you incapable of restraining yourself, or do you take pride in being an insufferable know-it-all? The question papers will be harder than usual, so you better go to your allotted class and ask them to turn over to Page number three hundred and ninety four…!”
The teachers went sobbing to their classes, for they ‘knew not’ a method to improve the performance of their children. What they knew however, is that what they did not know will cost them their jobs! The students meanwhile, were busy in their world. Some were playing football with someone else’s tiffin box, some were holding the blades of the fans and hanging and as soon as someone was switching on the fan, they were being thrown away arbitrarily in the class. Few were doodling on the benches while others were throwing chalks on the pedestrians, form the window. As soon as the teacher entered, the students settled in their places quietly. Nope, just joking. They kept on minding their own businesses, until someone threw the chalk at the teacher and the teacher joined in to play with them. After about a few hours, the students realized that an adult was playing with them and the teacher recollected that he or she is an adult and hence should refrain himself/herself from destroying school property. Though they acted as if they really cared for the school, in reality they did not. Hence, instead of stopping the children, they brought new chalk boxes from the staff rom and motivated the students to go crazy! The students, once they had exhausted the valuable resource of chalks, started to throw hand grenades at each other, or at least they acted like they did. Now, the teachers left their classes and approached the principal. They reported that it was impossible to teach in a school, which is completely devoid of chalks.
The principal was surprised, because this morning itself she had seen eight new chalk boxes in the staff room. She smelled fish and alerted the police of a chalk burglary at the school. The police arrived few minutes later, minutes here being ‘police minutes’ which are equal to one normal human hour. They observed a mob of people looking skywards and cursing the one above for throwing chalks on their heads. The ones with the most glistening heads were the ones worst affected, because there was no hair to break the force of the precipitating chalks. The police immediately solved the mystery. They confidently went up to the principal and told her that all the chalks had been recovered. They also reported that someone from up above had thrown them down upon the pedestrians. After the police left, the principal called up the entire school in the assembly area and said that if they wish to see the sun rise again, then they must collect all the chalks they had thrown and submit them to her before the sun sets. The students looked at each other and then at their teachers and smiled an evil smile.
Right when the sun was a millimeter from setting, the school prefect went up to the principal’s room and requested her to come down to the assembly area and accept an apology from all the students. The principal, being selfsupremacist and fit, jumped two stairs at a time and found herself surrounded by a tier of students and teachers blended together in unity.
Then, it happened.
Before the principal could dodge, every student and every teacher bombarded her with chalk pieces. When they were almost done with throwing, the sports teacher arrived panting, holding up fresh chalk supplies from the school management. Hence, the bombardment continued. It went on for a few more hours, as every time they were exhausting the chalks, someone or the other was returning with fresh supplies. When the throwing mania ended, the principal was lying motionless under a heap of chalks. The students and the teachers dispersed.
Ever since the next day, the teachers were never forced to yield A grades from their classes and the students were never forced to obtain the A grade in their exams.
The reason for this however, was that, right from the next day the school management had introduced the A+ grade!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily