Mango tree mysteriously bears bitter gourds after local people forcibly cut away some of its branches

30 February, 0065: Nature has been angered and here are the consequences. No more mango its just bitter gourd.

What it was...:-)
What it is and would be....:-(

Last day a group of people from a Sri Lankan village cut the branches of a mango tree which was known to bear the sweetest mango ever and donated them to a group of scientist who offered to manipulate its genes and create more mango trees like that with the payment of a nominal fee. The mango tree clearly declared that cutting branches wasn’t a deal, but people didn’t care. Today morning just as everyone went to the tree to pluck a few fruits, they were socked to see that all the yellow, red mangoes have been replaced with green pale bitter gourds.
This news teaches us that, Greed is the end of all good.😰😥😰:(😱😨

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily


Before YouTube it was YouEssay

30 February,0018: When the world was gifted with the priceless boon of modernization named as YouTube the entire world believed that it was a never like before advancement. It is a place where people worldwide can share whatever video they like and then like what others have shared while commenting on a few others. In other words, it had simply brought the world closer by one step. However, the most astonishing historical fact was revealed by PIN (Phylogeny of Internet Network) on last Sunday, as they stated that YouTube was actually a mutant of it’s ancestor YouEssay. It not only created a sensation world wide but also created a strange link between biology and internet. It is believed that YouEssay existed since the Shakespearean times and help authors share their brilliant ideas in the form of essays. It begun as a social network and was one of the busiest websites of medieval world. PIN head Mr. Pinpin said,”We recently got to know that a strange mutation in the Source code of the website caused it to change into YouTube. Whether the mutagen was YouTube developers or a strange extraterrestrial intervention is still unclear. However a massive change in the characteristics of the website was that YouEssay was a private and high profile website accessed by only the elites of the society however YouTube is accessible by everyone(even my pet cat watches cat videos on it!). We believe this socialization was the brilliance of the YouTube Developers.” The Google has been flooded with YouEssay searches however the search results have been rather strange. If you are inquisitive then why don’t you yourself hit the word YouEssay once?