Facebook might buy WordPress and name it FacePress

6 February 2018

After a successful board meeting on Wednesday last week, the fact that Facebook was buying WordPress was almost completely decided. Although mainstream media, is not yet fully aware of the details, the CEOs of both the company had already shaken their hands and started negotiating the prices.

Facebook has recently observed a dip in its daily users, which according to their employees, “…was the worst one ever!” To counter the drop in its stats, facebook decided to integrate a blogging platform along with its timeline wall, so that people can unleash their creativity or share their expertise alongside sharing events from their life and stalking others.

Facebook users have reported their loss of creativity and poor performance in work life due to scrolling continuously through newsfeed, which has often been the reason for pledging to not open facebook anymore, which probably has caused the deterioration of facebook’s stats. But, incorporation of WordPress will not only solve those problems but will create new opportunities for the users by combining the Incredible Interface of WordPress with Amazing Audience of Facebook.

In the end, although the purchase is not yet complete, we believe that Facebook buying WordPress can impact the society on the largest scale. FacePress can clearly be a boon for the Bloggers and the FB users alike.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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People who take more Vitamin C get more ‘Whatslapp’ Messages

15 January, 2018

Do you take a balance diet? If you do, don’t read this, it might be either redundant with your past or a spoiler for your future , but if you don’t, read this surely because this might treat your deficiency with determined and dedicated dexterity!

You might blame your friends for not pinging you enough, but they are innocent. It is your fault, that is causing the dearth of ‘Whatslapp‘ Messages in your account. In fact, a minute change right in this minute, can put you right back on track, with your social media accounts overflowing with caring messages from daring people.

Go to a shop and feast on some green leafy vegetables. It will give you Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid, which will promote hydroxylation of lysine and proline residues for collagen by acting as coenzyme, enhance Iron absorption, regulate cell differtiation, act as an antioxidant and prevent diseases like scurvy along with filling up your phone memory with Whatslapp mesages, up to its brim!

If you do not believe us, try it out or ask someone who is already doing it. If you do so, you will umderstand why Whatslapp is coloured green?

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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Spark Crackerberg introduces Likes for Likes on Fleshbook

30 February, 0081: From now on none of your likes will remain unseen as Spark Crackerberg, CEO (Chief Environmental Officer) Fleshbook had introduced the concept of liking the likes!


Now you can like a post and your like can be liked back by the poster, or an impostor or whoever turns out to be liking the fact that your liking the fact that  the poster had shared! In turn You can like back the like of the like for your like.

In a press conference on Free Acidics the Flesh Book owner and creator shared the fact that, Now the likes could be liked and in turn could be liked back, it can continue for ever, provided the people keep on liking each other.

Footballers have especially been thrilled by the new change in their new social media platform.

On asking Why? (Actually, Why the Hell? was asked) Cracker told that it will bring people closer and help us build a better world together with ever diminishing disliking and ignorance.