Propanal jailed for failing Fehling’s Test

30 February, 0126: Everyone knows that aldehydes answer Fehling’s Test. Even children of organic compounds like Methanal and Methane knows that. But in a shocking discovery, it turned out that Propanal, who goes by the name of Propionaldehyde among his common friends and who is a well known aldehyde (also Methanal’s grandfather) had FAILED the test.


Ideal Fehling’s Test 

Presently Propanal has been locked up inside a flat bottom glass flask  in a chemistry lab in Ethiopia. Police are talking of reducing it to an alkane by Clemmensen’s reduction. Initially Fehling was blamed for failing the test. Alkaline Sodium Potassium Tartrate (Fehling B) was almost getting neutralised by the torturous nitric acid when Benzene, the head constable of chemistry labs found out that it was Propanal who was faulty as it neither did answer Tollen’s Test nor Schiff’s Test. This phenomena is a disgrace in the field of organic chemistry and IUICC (International Union for Impure and Complicated Chemistry) has already started formulating Strict laws to prevent such mishappenings from happening again.

Although from now on chemists will be very careful while synthesizing chemicals, it is advisable to keep your eyes open for any law breaker organic molecule.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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30 February, 0063: “If exams scare you, you ace them.”, One of not-at-all-the-greatest quotes told by South African Teacher Sober Sobobobo proves the fact that Exams are more frightening than Ghosts.


That’s why Antarctica Daily has decided to help you play card with exams and ace them perfectly. Here are few hacks to ensure you top your upcoming exam:-
1)Firstly, remember that the one who sets the question paper is usually the question paper setter. The type of paper he sets is in direct agreement with his mentality and hence if you know his mentality you get to know the question paper, or if you know the question paper which is quite recommended,  you get to know his mentality which isn’t quite recommendable.
2) Always try to drink as much water as you can as water improves concentration but don’t drink more than 6 litres of water as it might kill you due to over dilution of blood.
3)While Answering questions never question the answers.
4) Remember time and tide waits for none, but the supervisor is neither time nor tide so he or she might wait, all you need to have is a firm grasp over your paper and an ability to repeat the line,”just one second extra, please.”
5) Use the bench to do rough work, don’t ever use paper, REMEMBER, rough papers cause deforestation (you know how!).

Some Stats...

6) Grow the habit of asking for the answer paper instead of the question paper, as writing questions for given answers is easier than writing answers for given questions.
7) Either fail badly or don’t lose any marks and get full marks as getting only a few marks less from the full marks is the worst result one could have. Neither are you perfect then, nor are you a failure. You might suffer from identity crisis.
8) Always bring the books with you but don’t read them, just think about them, about how innocent, informative, virtuous they are or how cruel, vicious and simply put, bad, they are depending upon the exam situation.
9) Don’t carry books in a bag carry bags in the books.
10) Lastly, don’t feel you will fail unless you fail neither be convinced that you will pass unless you really pass as future isn’t written yet and no one knows what might happen.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily