POTATOISM is The Newest Religion

30 February, 0124: With a lot of respect towards every other religion, the POOP (People’s Orthodox party Of Potato) has finally officially launched the new Religion POTATOISM as a Twitter account. It is the first religion in the world whose number of followers is exactly equal to the number of followers of its Twitter account.

This newborn religion focusses to worship the mighty powers of potato in its varied forms like Potato Chips, French Fries and Mashed Potatoes. The followers of Potato-ism are called Ouch Potatoes. Although idols are presently absent the Ouch Potatoes worship the Heart Shaped Potatoes. This new religion can help spread peace and help the poor and the malnourished gain substantial weight.

If you want to start following the new religion of Potato, you should daily consume a minimum of 10 kg Potatoes and upload the video of eating all those for 10 days continuously onto the Potato Website or Tag them on any Social Media.

Reported by, Venkat Ramanan


  • Also known as WhenCut or Potato Cut
  • Famous for delivering Potatoes to all leading “potato-requiring companies” like Less Chips
  • Does stand up comedy by sitting on a chair, like a boss
  • Net Worth: 6.023 *10^23 Antarctic Dollars

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iBrows are the LATEST Fashion Trend

30 February, 0108: Newest fashion trends are often startling as it is usually a great deviation from conventional standards of beauty. This trend however has gobbled up the entire population of the world and has been adopted by a 125.7% of the human beings on the Earth!

Most of the beauty contests have this latest fashion trend as the elementary qualifier for the participants. Several others have given it the highest seat among other factors for the judgement of the beauty contest winner. Very soon both actors and actresses would be visible acting in the movies with this latest fashion trend.

So what is this LATEST Fashion Trend?

Its simple. Yet elegant. You just cut, dye, modify, pluck or grow your eyebrow to represent the ‘motto’ of your life. You can even draw the logo of your company or the symbol which defines you. A Trend like this cannot merely be explained by words. So here are few pictures.

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