Motivational Coats

4 March 2018

Many a times, a time in life comes by, when we lack nothing but motivation, hence in effect, we lack everything. It is our will and determination in those moments that decides the character of our soul and the strength of our purpose. We bias ourselves to believe that the rest of the world is worlds ahead of us and are getting farther, every moment we waste by resting. It is not uncommon, to lose all hope and end up being a broken minded, knocked kneed, short tempered and hypersensitive easily irritated person, which we really are.

To battle such a situation, we listen to songs, watch movies, stop leaving the house and start drinking heavily. But at one moment or the other we do come across a motivational coat.

A motivational coat is one that is worn just like any other coat but is one that motivates you endlessly. Not that it is always beneficial, a motivational coat can motivate you to be demotivated and in turn, lose the motivation for demotivation, resulting in pulling the coat around you tighter in order to yield some more demotivating motivation.

This coat, as you will find out once you have seen one, is an organism that feeds off people’s demotivation. For every dose of demotivation, it grows stronger and for every sprinkle of motivation it becomes more and more feeble.

Its function is to counter demotivation with motivation, but when used without caution, can either take over your thought processes or let you take over your own thought processes which can be disastrous, according to the present education system.

Such a coat is a five dimensional entity and is very rare. So if you do find one, sell it on eBay. The money it’ll fetch, will seriously motivate you.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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The Scariest Film Scares away Cast and Director Even before its Completion

23 January 2018

Tom Bruise and Jeniffer Torrentz were recently located at a secret villa in Madagascar after they had disappeared mysteriously while the director Christopher Woman is still missing. It is not an act of kidnapping, for neither the subjects were kids nor were they napping, and it is not a deliberate prank by these prominent figures of Hollywood either. A single word that could explain their disappearance is Desperation!

According to our reports, the cast of ‘Suddenly‘, world reknowned director Woman’s new movie, were setting up their shooting camp around an old haunted house in the middle of nowhere, the capital of somewhere, in the continent of anywhere. This house was chosen because, due to its location in a parallel universe, real ghosts inhabited the house.

An unconfirmed source said that two days ago, the director and the leader of the ghosts got into a bit of a fight, which was probably because the director disagreed to flash the names of the ghosts in the credit section, since he thought that it might scare his viewers away. Despite a lot of requests from the Ghost Committee, the Film Producers and Director, did not appreciate their claims.

That night, the ghosts themselves set up the cameras and performed their finest exhorcisms upon the film support crew. This scared the Lead Actor, Actress and the Director, after which they ran away and have since been hiding, although two of the three have already been located using satellite imaging.

Although, the film production was halted intially, the ghosts took control and they are set to release the film in the upcoming 30th of February.

It is true that the filmstars and director, whom many of us idolize, did not have a happy end to their endeavour, but the ghosts did teach us an important lesson about how to earn the recognition we deserve!

(For free tickets, leave a comment…)

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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Look, What Tailor Made Us Do

19 January 2018

It was midnight. In the graveyard. A hand arose from the soil underneath. A corpse followed. We were having a birthday party there, and clearly the corpse wasn’t invited, much less that in our ‘invited’ list, its name was in red and underlined. We checked it once and we checked it twice, but no!

The corpse, however, didn’t seem much annoyed by this birthday celebration in graveyard, which by the way is spelled with a rusted iron-E, and the corpse was very PUNctual about pointing that out, right when we started singing the happy birthday song.

In fact, towards the end all the corpses had joined our party and we were so tired of seeing rotting flesh, that we fell asleep in their coffins. They buried us deep, so that the sound of death metal music, to which they were dancing, should not awake us.

Ultimately, they swiftly called up a tailor, made brilliant, posh clothes for themselves and made the tailor make long satin drapes with which they mummified us and left us in the coffins forever.

You must sympathize with what, this Tailor made us do (namely, get mummified) and this is surely because, the old Tailor couldn’t come to the party! Why? Because he’s dead! By the way, he was one of the corpses, ordering our mummification!

In case, you found this post weird, you must have a reputation for not listening to pop music!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay (Luckily, I had my phone with me inside the coffin, so i could upload our experience. Also, you must applaud the underground Wi-Fi Service!)

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‘To Sleep’ is a metaphor

3 January 2018

He is a grammar nazi. He answers rhetorical questions. He takes everything literally, hence, for him, the literary device of sarcasm is, if not nonexistant, at least, remotely alien!

He was once instructed by his fifth grade teacher to sleep through the pages of the book. Or, that is how he narrates his anecdote. He underwent severe mental trauma, to decipher what the teacher had really meant? Even if he could sleep on the pages of the book, he could not sleep through them, and when he did do it, the pages were doubled in number and their width halved with half of them set free from the orthodox binding of the book!

This event, as he often recognises, is the reason why he had lost his sleep in the young, joyful stages of life. Once while visiting an ENT specialist, for the prognosis of the recently diagnosed congenital ear problems he had, he had told me absent mindedly about the possibility of him misrecognising the ‘f’ with an ‘s’ and overhearing the pronunciation of the sound ‘i as in flip’, and ever since both he and I have agreed upon the fact, that it is more probable that a fifth grade teacher would instruct to ‘flip through the pages’ rather than to ‘sleep’ through them!

The last time I met him, he was completely oblivious of this realisation of his, and instead suggested, “Don’t you think to sleep is a metaphor, signifying something dark, just like the night you usually sleep through?”

I could have commented, but i instead unfollowed him and soon after unfriended him, which, by the way, was before blocking him and reportung him as spam!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay



POTATOISM is The Newest Religion

30 February, 0124: With a lot of respect towards every other religion, the POOP (People’s Orthodox party Of Potato) has finally officially launched the new Religion POTATOISM as a Twitter account. It is the first religion in the world whose number of followers is exactly equal to the number of followers of its Twitter account.

This newborn religion focusses to worship the mighty powers of potato in its varied forms like Potato Chips, French Fries and Mashed Potatoes. The followers of Potato-ism are called Ouch Potatoes. Although idols are presently absent the Ouch Potatoes worship the Heart Shaped Potatoes. This new religion can help spread peace and help the poor and the malnourished gain substantial weight.

If you want to start following the new religion of Potato, you should daily consume a minimum of 10 kg Potatoes and upload the video of eating all those for 10 days continuously onto the Potato Website or Tag them on any Social Media.

Reported by, Venkat Ramanan


  • Also known as WhenCut or Potato Cut
  • Famous for delivering Potatoes to all leading “potato-requiring companies” like Less Chips
  • Does stand up comedy by sitting on a chair, like a boss
  • Net Worth: 6.023 *10^23 Antarctic Dollars

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iBrows are the LATEST Fashion Trend

30 February, 0108: Newest fashion trends are often startling as it is usually a great deviation from conventional standards of beauty. This trend however has gobbled up the entire population of the world and has been adopted by a 125.7% of the human beings on the Earth!

Most of the beauty contests have this latest fashion trend as the elementary qualifier for the participants. Several others have given it the highest seat among other factors for the judgement of the beauty contest winner. Very soon both actors and actresses would be visible acting in the movies with this latest fashion trend.

So what is this LATEST Fashion Trend?

Its simple. Yet elegant. You just cut, dye, modify, pluck or grow your eyebrow to represent the ‘motto’ of your life. You can even draw the logo of your company or the symbol which defines you. A Trend like this cannot merely be explained by words. So here are few pictures.

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Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily