A Little Change of Plans

Old Plan was, I’ll have a new blog and write 365 poems in 365 days.

New Plan is, I’ll write 365 poems in 365 days on Antarctica Daily itself !

Why I chose to ditch the new blog? Who knows, but I’ll try to come up with a reason in today’s poem.

I thought I'll make a whole new blog,
But then my college got filled with smog,
Wait, it was smoke, due to a fire,
Whose scary flames kept rising higher.
I was on route to go to my college,
To learn from patients and earn some knowledge,
But I was in subway when father told me,
One of the college buildings is burning brightly.
Now, I a med student, so college is hospital,
Where we treat sick patient and mend broken skull,
Hence, I was really scared thinking about the patients,
What are they doing, Both the Ladies and Gents,
Thankfully humanity is surviving alright,
Colours of unity were displayed bright,
All worked together to save the admitted,
"United we Stand", the description fitted.
Students joined hands, so did the local men,
So did the staff and in came firemen.
Finally, fire was off, remained the smoke,
And a few scared patients of Fever and Stroke,
But their family members calmed then down,
Spread wide the smile, washed away got frown,
Together we survive, they taught me today,
When the skies are dark and times are gray,
So, I kept thinking hard while returning back,
I have still got another puzzle to crack,
Do I make another blog and start from the low,
Or keep writing here with uninterrupted flow,
Ultimately, when my stoppage came,
I remembered this blog's name,
It's Antarctica Daily, yes Daily it is,
So, if I post poems Daily, the readers I'll please!

As promised, I’ll post daily poems from 30.10.18 to 30.10.19. BTW, with only about 27 days remaining, I’ll start the final stage of preparation for the challenge. And then, from 30th, yep the marathon will begin…

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay


Windows user downloads Playstore from Appstore in his Kali Linux running Mac using Ubuntu terminal

30 February, 0172: We had never imagined that we would ever publish such a heading. It is just downright wrong on so many levels. In fact, calling it just wrong is a viciously wronged act in itself, let alone being just wrong. It is so wrong, that it gives us chills to write that it is indeed right!

Tim Page and Bill Trovalds were two young entrepreneurs. But, we will talk about them, some other time! Instead, let us talk about that famous Windows user. The first weird thing abut this person is that, despite being a Windows user, he used Kali Linux in his Mac. No wonder, cross platform integration was his thing. His Mac, as we later found out was a Big Mac. He was probably the first person to ever use a burger as his PC. Nonetheless, he grew tired of the costly apps of Appstore, which he used to download third party apps in his computer. He was looking for a cheaper alternative, maybe a jailbroken device to install custom apps, but since his device was a PC, he already had root access, and being a man who preferred endurance he ruled out that possibility.

One morning, when the Sun finally set, and darkness set in, and his electricity provider cut his connection for failing to cope up with the tremendous rate at which he paid bills of future months, he decided to download a flashlight app from Appstore. But he found out that out of the few apps that were there, three were paid, six were not compatible with his device and the only one which was left, had extremely poor reviews. But, sitting in the dark and frustrated at his bad luck he became so desperate that he installed that horrible app. He found out that it had a pro version. Which if bought for $130 per month, could also emit X-ray flashes and give him ‘free’ medical checkups along with removing the advertisements and supporting the developer.

This angered him beyond limits. He launched his terminal which by the way, used Ubuntu commands. He typed, “sudo apt-get install any-app-that-helps-me-download-cheap-apps” and another app store window opened in front of his eyes, listing Playstore as the only option.

In a moment of unthinking determination, he installed it, becoming the first Windows user to ever download Playstore from Appstore using Ubuntu terminal in his Kali Linux running Mac.

Thus, he created history, but being a resident of twenty first century as we all are, he deleted it immediately along with all other browsing history, the motive behind which, for an unknown reason, he denied to reveal to us, but probably, according to us, was the abundance of the letter ‘x’ in the URLs of the websites he had supposedly visited!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

Antarctica Daily

10 Reasons why there are no Reasons

27 April 2018
There are simply no reasons. Here are ten reasons why:

  • First one is obvious: Because there are no reasons.
  • Secondly, there isn’t a question that begins with why, so there are no answers that provide a reason.
  • Neither is there any reason why we should reason out the existence of a reason.
  • It is illegal to ask why!
  • This season, reasons are tried for treason.
  • One possible reason could be the fact that reasons are nonexistent because they don’t exist.
  • The reason of not having any reason could itself be a reason.
  • The last few points, this one and the next few are reasons why these are not the reasons.
  • Reasons are not required to exist if none has risen for them.
  • Because the topic says so.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

Poem: Ten Men Refrain to Train Brain

26 April 2018

We all have a brain,
It is our domain,
To maintain,
And sustain,
The habit of asking Intelligent Question,
Right when,
There is a hurricane,
In the Mountain,
Or a lion’s den,
On a flat plane,
And right then,
We drink champagne,
With cocaine,
To cure the pain,
Of migraine,
To have the discomfort wane,
And let euphoria reign,
Be insane,
So we can feign,
A blood stain,
Off a burst vein,
As we entertain,
With no complain,
Till it can pertain,
To our campaign,
Of being humane,
But not mundane,
Or profane,
As we obtain,
The keys to untie a chain,
That’ll help us explain,
The need to retain,
What still remain,
Before we get slain,
But then again,
There are men,
Counting ’em you get ten,
Who refrain,
To train,
Their brain!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

Poem: Slow Down, Champ!

24 April 2018

Walking for long is difficult,
You might get a cramp,
I can’t follow if you walk so fast,
Please do Slow Down, Champ!

You will win a walking race,
I predict it and put a stamp,
But don’t go too fast on this old road,
It’s dark and there’s no lamp!

Wait now, please don’t take that turn,
For there is an army camp,
You might disturb resting soldiers,
If you don’t stop your tramp!

I think I have torn my shoe,
Hence I can’t ascend the ramp,
A stitch in time could save me nine,
I’ll have a quick revamp.

Take a deep breath and smell the air,
Due to rain it smells so damp,
Now stop breathing you’ll lungs will burst,
You naughty playful scamp.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

Why I never order Fresh Chicken?

7 April 2018

I was hungry as f…, never mind, I’ll change the sentence, I was as hungry as a ‘fearful tiger’, when I finally found out the restaurant, which from its looks from the outside, and the smells from the inside, qualified as an eatable restaurant as far as my index of eatability was concerned, although, the looks of the inside and the smell of the outside, did indeed try its level best, to disqualify this specific food birthplace and deathplace, unless we are talking about home deliveries, off my standard list of appreciable restaurant which I have recently talked about, and had left me, for at least a few precious seconds, second guessing, whether to enter into this heavenly hell, or not? But ultimately, I had said yes. To myself. And I placed myself at a table for five only to be politely guided by the manager to a lonely table of two. Soon, I placed an order. A long time afterwards, I was still waiting for my fresh chicken kebabs to arrive. In those moments of relentless appetite and objectionable thoughts, when a neighboring table got served, I was forced into debating whether it was the chicken that was fresh or the kebabs made from it were, only to keep my mind off the chicken kebab. Soon, my deepest desires erupted and I called up a random guy who was serving random food on randomly selected tables. Upon enquiry, he disclosed that the chicken stock was over, hence the chef was attempting to acquire chickens now, which, according to him was resulting in the delay. Acquiring chickens seemed to be a state of the art technology to me. I continued my silent ponderings. Soon, I suffered another outburst. This time, the manager told me that not just this restaurant but also the entire neighbourhood is chickenless. I objected. He overruled. I gave up, and started to daydream again. Soon, the chef himself arrived. I raised my fork high up and threatened him to give me a chicken, for if he did not, I shall plant this weapon of mine carpus in the tender bosom of his, letting blood flow uninterrupted unless every single drop of blood was lost, bottled and sold as red wine. He mournfully told me that the eggs too were over. I didn’t care. I ordered chicken, I wanted chicken. He explained that since the chickens were nearly extinct from the neighborhood, the only hope to eat chicken was by growing one out of an egg. Not that I hated the plan, but in my busy life, time was a big factor. But, as he said, the eggs were over. That’s where the fish comes in, said he. I asked him to explain. He said that fishes or the pisces eventually gave rise to amphibia, which evolved into reptilia and ultimately aves. So, if he waited long enough, he might evolve a chicken out for me. I was impressed. But he didn’t deserve admiration. He said, the fish stock too, was over. I was angry now. I demanded a solution. He smiled imperceptibly and pointed towards a prawn. I felt dead. He explained, yet again, those crustaceans which are mandibulates and hence arthropods, can give rise to molluscs, then to echinodermata, but that won’t help so we will wait for hemichordates to evolve and then via protochordates like urochordates and cephalochordates, we would arrive at craniates like cyclostomes and eventually develop pisces from where obtaining a Gallus gallus domesticus would be child’s play. I wasn’t listening as I threatened that if the restaurant did not serve me within five minutes, I would perform retrogressive evolution upon the chef and convert him back to a reptile and ultimately to a chicken via some pterodactyl like intermediate. This worked. They brought me chicken kebabs within one minute. I asked, whether evolution had sped up? To this they negated and replied that this was just a chicken kebab. To eat a fresh chicken kebab, as I had ordered, waiting for fresh chicken is mandatory and as I gathered from their explanation, a fresh chicken is one, which has recently evolved into a chicken and its last ancestor was one from another species.

Ever since, I have never ordered fresh chicken.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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Pizza from Giza

5 April 2018

And the flight landed now,
All passengers said wow,
As they felt the cool breeze,
Before tumbling upon cheese.
Cheese was spread upon the bread,
That connected like a thread,
The flavours all savoury,
Relieving everyone’s worry.
Took a bite before they stepped,
In their mind an image shaped,
Of a topping cooked golden,
On the cheese that was molten.
Soon they knew who was boss,
When they smelled the spicy sauce,
All other tastes subsided,
And memories were made.
This is why we all travel,
From lands of snow to that of gravel,
Just to eat the native food,
Which is always best and not just good.
But suddenly one guy screamed,
Their euphoria dimmed,
They realised that a cheese pizza,
Was the best in the town of Giza.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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