10 Reasons why there are no Reasons

27 April 2018 There are simply no reasons. Here are ten reasons why: First one is obvious: Because there are no reasons. Secondly, there isn't a question that begins with why, so there are no answers that provide a reason. Neither is there any reason why we should reason out the existence of a reason. It is … Continue reading 10 Reasons why there are no Reasons


Poem: Ten Men Refrain to Train Brain

26 April 2018 We all have a brain, It is our domain, To maintain, And sustain, The habit of asking Intelligent Question, Right when, There is a hurricane, In the Mountain, Or a lion's den, On a flat plane, And right then, We drink champagne, With cocaine, To cure the pain, Of migraine, To have … Continue reading Poem: Ten Men Refrain to Train Brain

Poem: Slow Down, Champ!

24 April 2018 Walking for long is difficult, You might get a cramp, I can't follow if you walk so fast, Please do Slow Down, Champ! You will win a walking race, I predict it and put a stamp, But don't go too fast on this old road, It's dark and there's no lamp! Wait … Continue reading Poem: Slow Down, Champ!

Why I never order Fresh Chicken?

Neither would you, if you read this.

Pizza from Giza

5 April 2018 And the flight landed now, All passengers said wow, As they felt the cool breeze, Before tumbling upon cheese. Cheese was spread upon the bread, That connected like a thread, The flavours all savoury, Relieving everyone's worry. Took a bite before they stepped, In their mind an image shaped, Of a topping … Continue reading Pizza from Giza

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs

How much TIME does it take to EARN a BILLION?

I Touched Something Weird

3 April 2018 I was sitting on the grass, Till around me it was dark, Suddenly my friend made a fuss, Pointing at the park. Not just my friend, dogs were too, Fiercely started to bark, And below the sky that was dark blue, Clouds started to lurk. At this moment I started to care, … Continue reading I Touched Something Weird