Kingdom Fungi goes on strike after Humans aim for Universal Cleanliness

30 February, 0070: “You clean garbage, you steal Habitat” was the direct allegation raised by the entire Fungi Kingdom after Human beings declared their intention to promote and aim for Universal Cleanliness.

You clean garbage, you steal Habitat

Fungal Kingdom have picketed several grocery stores by their signature foolish seedling disease caused by Gibberella fujikoroi. They have disrupted human productivity by causing Athlete’s foot caused by Trychophytan interdigitalis and several others have seriously hampered the daily processes of human life. The fungi have been infuriated by the destruction of their habitat and have sued human beings for $1Quintillion for the grave crime and hideous deed of stealth of hospitable environment and severe reduction in biodegradable waste. Fungi leader Pythium debaryanum has declared that humans should keep their environments as dirty as possible for symbiotic existence of both the fungi and animalia kingdom. He has encouraged spitting on roads, dumping waste on highways and giving up the meaningless tendency of cleaning up their environment.
We, the Antarctica Daily Staffs, are however on the side of Human beings and are supporting them for cleaning the environment as effectively as possible.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily