SARCASM is the Latest Sport

30 February, 0129: Professor Snape has already declared that in the upcoming Triwizard tournament, the contestants will have to contest in a sarcasm competition to win this years bumper prize of uPhone 7, which is so costly that even wizards can’t afford it and have to win tournaments to get hold of one!

Not just in the world of Wizards, but even muggles have announced that from 2020 Sarcasm will be played off as a sport in the Olympics. In case, this new game intrigues you, know that you are in the right place, just continue to read the article:

  • This game has humble beginnings, in the households of poor farmers tormented by landlords.
  • This game got popularised with the help of some terrible governments and their horrified public.
  • Only people with IQ higher than 150 are allowed to play this game.
  • It is almost like a rap battle, only that you will not have to rap and it is not a battle!
  • To win this game, the players must insult each other using just words which are SFW enough to be heard by a 1 second old infant but intelligent enough to not be understood by the man with IQ of 149.99! (That was not the factorial sign!) (Neither was this!) (Or this.)
  • If you use even a single a pun in the competition you will be disqualified. Be strictly sarcastic.

The SAD (Sarcasm Authority Department) has already published reports proving that this game can help one deal with the situations of contemporary times #Like_A_Boss ! Also this game could be more effective in controlling seemingly uncharacteristically non-hyper verbal natures of some politicians on ascending the throne and quite characteristically hyperverbal buccal cavities of celebrities and TV stars and normalize the bureaucratic capitalism of unequal distribution of speech!

Reported by, Ankit JHaHaHaHa*


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  • Owns a motorcycle, which has a steering wheel.
  • He is immuned to every disease. Mosquito suffers from Dengue after biting him.
  • Spends 25 hours in Gym per Day!

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