Benzene Rings outshine gold as most precious gift

30 February 0083: Chemists win as alchemists fade away. The dream of alchemy to turn everything into gold is no more what the Earthly people yearn for. They want Benzene now, as this compound has shook the world with its beauty and simplicity.

TOP: A monosubstituted benzene ring and a stone fitted gold ring
BELOW: A benzene ring and a gold ring

People have complained about gold which is responsible for the spontaneous and substantial weight loss for the money bag. Gold was known to convert the bank balance from a phone number to a car number. Gold has made people millionaires though but only if they were billionaires before.

Now fear not, ‘cos here is the simplest cheapest ring that one could have ever gifted. And its the planar, aromatic, unsaturated, sp-2 hybridised, humble benzene ring at your service.

In case you have been wondering that you can no more gift the equivalent of a stone fitted- gold ring, think again, because the MONOSUBSTITUTED BENZENE can just make your day. Substitute with a chlorine, oxygen or even another carbon atom to discover new possibilities.

People have already started saving Benzene in lockers and started taking Benzene loans Very soon most of the economists will start comparing GDPs according to the Benzene reserve each country has got.

At last the El Classico between the Chemists and Alchemists end and CHEMISTS are the clear winners….

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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