How to Get into a Habit?

11 March 2018

Getting into habits is the easiest thing to do. Choosing which habit to get into is what the fuss is all about.

The internet is flooded with proven strategies on how to get into that H-word. But the only problem with the proven strategies is that, we are promised that the result will be delivered even before we have adopted the strategy. Also, everybody is inherently attracted towards proven strategies which makes your adoption of that S-word less unique.


A little motivational image about the M-word.

And we are already two levels deep. We just want our life to be good. To do that, we first wanted to get into a good habit, the H-word. And then we looked for a good strategy to get into the good habit, the S-word. Let us scrape those complications and get to the root of the issue.

So, are you trying to be a heavenly figure? Wanna have no negative issues associated with your life? Not that we will discourage from that, but just give a little thought to the fact that, if you are all perfect, people will surely start worshipping you and paparazzi will start following you. To avoid those, you should have a little imperfection.

Being imperfect is probably the most perfect skill we all have. So I will not elaborate. Instead let us imagine how a slightly imperfect person might be. Being so, you will always come remarkably close to all your goals yet you will fail them by only a small margin of your negligible imperfection divided by the number of goals you have. That, is clearly not acceptable. So, let us concentrate our imperfection on a single goal and mess it up while going ahead with the others. And if we are certain we are gonna fail that goal, let us just be a little more imperfect, a little more, a slight amount more, That’s it!

In this way, scrape away every unimportant or relatively less important goal and you would be left with those two or three goals and habits which are probably gonna be the most important for you. So, go ahead and every time you want to complain for having to do hard work for any of those important habits, think of all those habits you had scraped away.

If you still don’t get into a habit, either you must be really big or the habit might be way too small!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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