Reversing the Hair Trimmer blades can GROW Hair!

13 February 2018


How many times have we realised from an experience that the enemy of enemy is a friend? This time too, we are taught the same old lesson! But the result, is so heart warming and mind lifting that even the poorest of men in terms if hair have established their dominance in the richest list with respect to the hair density!

It was a long standing joke, that the height of stupidity, was a bald man bargaining for a hair trimmer. Well, it is the reality now. From shop to shop, bald headed humans were seen restless to lay their hands upon a hair trimmer. The Hair Trimmer Selling companies immediately changed their target audience for the promotion campaigns to the less fortunate people, in terms of hair density! All everyone was waiting to do, was just reverse the blades.

Soon, every men and women were overed in hair, people who didn’t have hair were the hairiest now. Even the previously (naturally) hairy people, started to look bald now. So, they too started buying trimmers and reversing blades. The entire world was submerged under keratin within hours. The traffic got entangled in hair. The flights crashed into hair. Hair Fores broke out. The entire Pacific Ocean was soaked up. The world was suddenly more connected than they have been despite the presence of internet. But this connection, was irritating. Movement ceased. Anger rose. Blades were reversed again. Grown hairs were trimmed. Rockets were launched. The trimmed hairs were dumped in Uranus. The world was again filled with shiny scalps and hairless individuals.

It was then that the humans understood, that the lack of hair is not worthy of a problem, in comparison, the lack of compassion, is by far, a more immediate concern than mdoifying external looks. So, if you have less hair or no hair or negative hair or even invisible hair, stop worrying. But, if you lack moral values, start reading Antarctica Daily, for you need an immediate treatment!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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GRASSES replace HAIRS as the latest hairstyle!

30 February, 0104: The problem of the moment is: DEFORESTATION. While others are scratching their head to solve the problem, some intelligent human beings are USING their head to solve the problem.

The future…

“It is the most ingenious approach to solve a problem.” said Dr Greed Green, “Here the solution is not from the head, but is the head.”, he added with an emphasis on the auxiliary verb ‘is’. The plan is to grow grasses on the head instead of hair. This can have several health as well as environmental benefits.

  1. Planting grasses can help control global warming.
  2. It can provide oxygen to the planter, by the process of photosynthesis.
  3. It can lower the temperature of body by utilising sweat as its water source.
  4. It is an ostentatious ornament to prove that we care for the Earth.
  5. An ecosystem can thrive on your head.
  6.  It can improve your IQ.
  7. It can insulate your brain from mechanical shocks.
  8. It can have fragrant flowers minimising the cost for deodorants.
  9. It will symbolise immortality and rejuvenation.
  10. BALDNESS would cease to exist as a problem.

According to the reports, 89.7 Million human beings have already adopted the New Grassy hairstyle and the trend is spreading faster than a wildfire.


Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily