Cabin Crew clicks breathtaking groupfie after the cockpit blows off and successfully uploads it onto FB after tagging all the crashing passengers, selecting the location, updating that they were feeling Curious and sharing with hash tag ‘#crashing’ after writing a 104 word post and re sharing it 5 times, liking each one and commenting the audible screams and live commentary of the crash in every post before the plane slammed onto the ground.



30 February,0056: Air Crash Investigation team declared that overuse of technology onboard flight-1729 was the main reason the flight crashed. Too much radio waves were being emitted from the electrical gadgets on the plane which resulted in a phenomenon called phylloastronomoliosis, a strange over excitation of matter and immediate conversion of the same into energy resulted in the breaking away of chemical bonds between molecules which destroy any manmade structure. Around 12 Noon, when the flight was above an island in Southern Pacific Ocean, a sudden blast resulted in the breaking away of cockpit. However the passengers ‘normally’ would have screamed to death, the passengers of this flight didn’t instead they logged into their FreshBook account and updated their status. One such cabin crew, which the headline talks about, did all that he had to do, and received 382 likes before the plane crashed. Experts have acknowledged this act saying that although the black box, flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder were destroyed, the FreshBook posts helped us answer why the flight crash.

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Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
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