Astronauts play Holi in International Space Station

30 February, 0092: Colourful chemicals flooded India while chemical-full colours submerged the entire International Chemistry Lab inside International Space Station(the existence of this lab is highly debated and the truth is not yet established). Chemical Astronauts managed to spread the Indian tradition into space adding another dimension (literally) to the celebration.


Using the purple potassium permanganate and prussian blue Ferricferrocyanide along with dark pink phenolphthalein and the green sodium borate, the astronauts celebrated a heart-full holi away from the Mother Earth. However, the true beauty was witnessed when all these chemicals were dissolved in water, and a huge amount of hydration energy was released modestly supplied enough joules of energy to fulfil every need of lattice energy and also aided in the activation energy for the proceedings of violent explosions and blasts which rocked not only the space station but also created gravitational waves which propagated through space-time continuum. The white crystals of 24 times hydrated aluminium potassium sulphate and blue colour copper sulphate decahydrate crystals along with orange potassium dichromate added another colourful flavour to the explosion. Yellowish bromine and gold coloured gold garnished the blast while lusturous metal added the icing to the cake.


The chemists have been given life sentence on Earth for their misconduct in space but it needs to be delayed till they return to the earth, more importantly, alive.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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