Human Brain is a Vestigial Organ!(and PARASITIC)

30 February, 0100: To all those who have grown up being discriminated against for not being Intelligent, Kindly Take Note HUMAN BRAIN IS VESTIGIAL i.e. USELESS.


Our Brain takes up a lot of our oxygen we take in acting as if it is doing a lot of hard work. But Scientists have recently pulled the veil off the mystery from the speculations that The BRAIN is the most important part of our body. It is actually the Liver which despite having fewer nerves that the brain seems to be the main centre of our intelligence. The Brain is not only a terrible Impostor sitting up on the sacred head taking up a lot of oxygen, it also keeps track of all the decision that our Liver takes and feed that off to Spies.

An arrest warrant has already been issued by the body police department and T-Lymphocytes are surveying the papers of our brain to ensure that whether it is a potential danger to our body. Phylogenetic experts have shown that ever since the arthropods, the brain was totally non helpful and in some sense a vestigial organ. It was even classified by the microglial cells as a Potential Terrorist and Pancreas termed Brain as a parasite on our human body. Very soon, the President of our Body, the Heart-broken Heart who was a supporter of Brain earlier has released a statement saying that if found guilty, the brain would be forced to emigrate to our feet and will receive only a nominal fraction of the oxygen it receives now.

BUT for now, it can be said that, DO NOT TRUST YOUR BRAIN.


Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily