Not Sure if I Travelled in Time

6 April 2018

A weird sensation it was. It went away even before I knew what it was. I searched on the net, typing in keywords that associated what I felt with what I fancied it was. Unfortunately, all the searches returned results which were so unrelated to the topic I was initially searching about, that I almost forgot about what was the original sensation I had felt. But living in the information era as we do, I kept on searching further on the new topics only to be lead further and further away from those. In fact, I was getting so far away, so fast that I guessed I might soon get back to one of the topics I had already searched. But that was not the case. Five minutes later, I found myself watching videos on youtube. Ten minutes later, I was publishing this post on WordPress. Twenty minutes later, I was buying a private Jet on amazon and twenty one minutes later, I was closing that browser tab, because neither amazon sold private jets nor I had the means of buying one even if it sold. But thirty minutes later, I was back on Medium writing up a philosophical article. Forty minutes later, I had a weird sensation. It went away before I knew what it was. I tried searching for it on Google, but I could find no words in my vocabulary that matched the feeling. But, the google searche results led me to Youtube about five minutes later and I started watching a video. That was five minutes before, now I am publishing this post on WordPress, but I don’t know why that Publish button is replaced with Update buttontoday!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay



Why does the Sun Shine?

25 March 2018

Before you click on the ‘New Tab’ button, search for the aforementioned question and read the extract from an authentic website, let me tell you the reason. The sole reason why the Sun shines, is to appreciate the existence of the Sunshine Blogger Award, which was destined to be named after it!

A weird coincidence is that, I am Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay. No wait, that is not the coincidence. My name, when translated to English from Bengali means Sunlight or as the creative people might tell you, Sunshine!

My blog was nominated by A Typical Teenage Bookworm, who besides books and series likes to feast upon chocolate and tea.

Her blog has an amazing theme and layout that makes you wanna read her magnificent articles, all in one go!

How It Works?

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate up to 11 blogs and ask them 11 new questions.
4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your blog-post (The original Logo as many bloggers have realised already, is on a vacation and could not be found anywhere)
5. Rules are to tweak; Take it easy.

I am Answering the Questions. But, don’t Question my Answers!

  1. What’s your favourite kind of pasta? Nowadays we all have the habit of modernizing every word. Got to becomes Gotta, Want to becomes Wanna. So I guess, the word Pastime became Pasta. My favorite pastime is indeed learning. To get a better hint on what I like to learn, check out an answer to a question, later in the list.
  2. Is there a Book which somehow changed or influenced your life? And if yes, how? Promise me you won’t immediately read the answer to the fifth question if you read this one. I can almost see your eyeballs drifting downwards! Well, that book is Three Men in A Boat (click here to download the PDF), a classic by Jerome K Jerome. The book, had it not been written, would have resulted in me becoming one of those grim faced people, I often complain about, who, by the way, if had been me, would have been complaining about, a person, who is like the “me”, that is writing this blog post!
  3. Name three artists of the surrealism without looking it up. I’m not looking up. I’m looking straight into the screen of my laptop. And I am searching about it on Google. Oops, Google doesn’t want me to search about surrealism! I bet google was tipped off earlier about this by a typical teenage bookworm!
  4. Your least favourite trend from 2017? I actually travel back in time. So, the last year I lived before 2018 was 2019. My least favorite trend in that year was people leaving for Mars as Earth was destroyed, about which you will read more in question 6!
  5. What made you publish a blog? Hopefully, you are not reading this one after the second question. Well, I published the blog because, I read 3 Men in a Boat, which literally changed my life. Also, so did another bengali book called Ha Ja Ba Ra La by Sukumar Ray. Also, my brother Soumyodeep (an amazing photographer) really motivated me for having a blog. Also, I did a star correspondence from Times of India, which improved my report writing skills. Also, nope not anymore, that’s it!
  6. How Long do you think would our earth survive if we’d continue just like we do now? You have read question 4. You know when. The reason earth will be destroyed in 2019, is because it will strike with an asteroid while absent mindedly taking a selfie to post on MilkyGram, the photo sharing app of this galaxy.
  7. One thing that makes you want to get up each morning and puts a smile on your face. The essential knowledge that eighteen hours later, I will go back to sleep, AGAIN!
  8. Do you prefer poetry/books/anything written or photography/movies/pictures? OR: Do you prefer expressing one’s thoughts in written or pictured form? I like written stuff. Reason? Written stuff is one-dimensional. Pictorial stuff is two dimensional, for a picture, three dimensional for a movie and four dimensional for a 3d movie! Written stuff just makes others endure through one’s thoughts which is essential for effective communication.
  9. The biggest role model in your life and why? For now, it is Richard Feynman. He has an incredible ability to teach. His lectures, even the advanced ones, are understandable by the general public.
  10. Have you ever watched The Breakfast Club? (if not: go, get up and watch it! if yes: who’s the funniest/most amusing character in your opinion?) Although I applaud a healthy breakfast and am a member of a few local clubs, I am yet to watch The Breakfast Club!
  11. If there’s one single thing you could thoroughly learn and be able to do afterwards absolutely perfectly, what would it be? (it could be anything, guys) It would be perfectly learning to learn other things perfectly. That way, I could do everything perfectly!

Answer What Follows and You will be gifted a free Icecream the next time you visit Antarctica.

  1. Who do you think owns the continent of Antarctica? (Try not to Google)
  2. Would you ever publish a book?
  3. If you were a worm, how long would you be?
  4. Define definition along with examples of examples.
  5. Write a question you would like to answer but don’t answer it. Now write three sentences about self control.
  6. What was your favorite moment of FRIENDS?
  7. Do you correct autocorrect more than autocorrect corrects you?
  8. What is the single most valuable piece of advice anybody has ever given you?
  9. Name the people you are proud to have in your life. Now, disclose to them that there exists a newspaper from Antarctica called Antarctica Daily
  10. If a new element was being added to the periodic table and it is to be named after you. What properties do you want it to have?
  11. What question you will never answer honestly. Write that question and an accompanying dishonest answer!

Now the Fun Part, where I nominate others…

Few Slots are still empty, which will be filled in very soon!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

Editor in Chief

Antarctica Daily




Top 10 Reasons You Must Read This Post

24 March 2018

  1. The Human mind is inadvertently drawn towards lists which claim to feature the top items of any list.
  2. The Number 10 is widely celebrated as an appreciable round figure. You have 10 fingers and count in hence count in base 10 system, making 10 a complete and satisfactory number.
  3. I used the modal verb Must, which creates a sense of subconscious compulsion in your mind.
  4. It is a self referential post. Understanding it completely, will force your brain to work hard and will improve your logical reasoning and cognitive skills.
  5. It is not very long so that you will give up in the middle. Neither is it too short so that you can ignore it completely.
  6. The featured image on this post, gives it a professional look.
  7. Every time you read a point, you realise it is useless. So, you read the next one in order to fulfil your appetite of 10 reasons.
  8. Beyond point 5, you start to like the concept of writing a 10 point post with only self referential points.
  9. You have given up every hope of learning something useful from this post and just want to continue till the last point.
  10. You are extremely angry that you wasted the time, so you wanna share this and make your friends and enemies, especially, read this entirely.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

Antarctica Daily

Cars to have an Incognito Mode in 2019

16 March 2018

History will be made as History won’t be made. Intstead, it’s gonna be deleted. Not only your Browser history. You now have a chance to hide your Cruising history.

Car collector and history deletor Dr Shift Del said, “I always felt like my car was getting tracked by someone. From now on, I can be confident about my privacy”. On being asked about the first thing she plans to do after buying such a car, “I will drive my car from Cape Town to Vladivostok without telling that to anybody” was her reply, although we are sure that she had just told us about it. Maybe she mistook the incognito mode for a delete history button.

This feature allows only Car Manufacturers and your Internet Service Provider to keep track of your location, which is creepy because presently no one keeps track. But they claim that very soon we will have organisations which will have an eye on every car and then plan an organised car autopilot hack, due to which, you might find your car parked next to your Boss’ with an appreciable scratch on his car. Or you might wake up to find that your car is parked in the middle of a highway.

It is not clear whether having the Incognito Mode will be a boon or bane? But, being deletors of History as we are, you can pretty much guess the answer.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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How to Get into a Habit?

11 March 2018

Getting into habits is the easiest thing to do. Choosing which habit to get into is what the fuss is all about.

The internet is flooded with proven strategies on how to get into that H-word. But the only problem with the proven strategies is that, we are promised that the result will be delivered even before we have adopted the strategy. Also, everybody is inherently attracted towards proven strategies which makes your adoption of that S-word less unique.


A little motivational image about the M-word.

And we are already two levels deep. We just want our life to be good. To do that, we first wanted to get into a good habit, the H-word. And then we looked for a good strategy to get into the good habit, the S-word. Let us scrape those complications and get to the root of the issue.

So, are you trying to be a heavenly figure? Wanna have no negative issues associated with your life? Not that we will discourage from that, but just give a little thought to the fact that, if you are all perfect, people will surely start worshipping you and paparazzi will start following you. To avoid those, you should have a little imperfection.

Being imperfect is probably the most perfect skill we all have. So I will not elaborate. Instead let us imagine how a slightly imperfect person might be. Being so, you will always come remarkably close to all your goals yet you will fail them by only a small margin of your negligible imperfection divided by the number of goals you have. That, is clearly not acceptable. So, let us concentrate our imperfection on a single goal and mess it up while going ahead with the others. And if we are certain we are gonna fail that goal, let us just be a little more imperfect, a little more, a slight amount more, That’s it!

In this way, scrape away every unimportant or relatively less important goal and you would be left with those two or three goals and habits which are probably gonna be the most important for you. So, go ahead and every time you want to complain for having to do hard work for any of those important habits, think of all those habits you had scraped away.

If you still don’t get into a habit, either you must be really big or the habit might be way too small!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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The Count of Monte Cristo shocks his Twitter fans

15 February 2018

Shocking the fans with strange, often life changing, tweets is a common happening on Twitter. But no celebrity has ever been able to shock the fans so badly as the Count of Monte Cristo himself.

He posted onto Twitter that this Wednesday, he was really bored and to kill his time he bought 120% stocks of Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. Also, he followed up later by stating that he felt like shopping a bit more and he had also bought Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern München, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United.

He felt 3 is a lucky number and continued his shopping to buy away five more planets. He bought the four gas giants of our solar system and then in a moment of whim also wrote away a check to buy the Sun. According to reports, he was facing a shortage of space on Earth and needed to expand his Real Estate business. To explain the purchase of sun, he pointed out that lately he has been craving for barbeques and what place better than Sun for a perfect barbeque dinner.

Presently, the net worth of Count of Monte Cristo is valued at a number no human mind can fathom. As his property, he already owns a few black holes from the Andromeda galaxy!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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Facebook might buy WordPress and name it FacePress

6 February 2018

After a successful board meeting on Wednesday last week, the fact that Facebook was buying WordPress was almost completely decided. Although mainstream media, is not yet fully aware of the details, the CEOs of both the company had already shaken their hands and started negotiating the prices.

Facebook has recently observed a dip in its daily users, which according to their employees, “…was the worst one ever!” To counter the drop in its stats, facebook decided to integrate a blogging platform along with its timeline wall, so that people can unleash their creativity or share their expertise alongside sharing events from their life and stalking others.

Facebook users have reported their loss of creativity and poor performance in work life due to scrolling continuously through newsfeed, which has often been the reason for pledging to not open facebook anymore, which probably has caused the deterioration of facebook’s stats. But, incorporation of WordPress will not only solve those problems but will create new opportunities for the users by combining the Incredible Interface of WordPress with Amazing Audience of Facebook.

In the end, although the purchase is not yet complete, we believe that Facebook buying WordPress can impact the society on the largest scale. FacePress can clearly be a boon for the Bloggers and the FB users alike.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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