BookWorms are Evolving into KindleWorms

Beware: They Could be Eating your books before you read them!


Cycles must have Seat Belts, warns Transport Corporation(TC)

30 February, 0067: The verdict has been passed. Anyone seen not wearing seatbelts on their cycles will be prosecuted. With a phenomenal increase in the number of accidents in the last decade, the TC passed the basic safety law prohibiting use of helmets and promoting use of Sea Belts. From now on every cycle and…

Before YouTube it was YouEssay

30 February,0018: When the world was gifted with the priceless boon of modernization named as YouTube the entire world believed that it was a never like before advancement. It is a place where people worldwide can share whatever video they like and then like what others have shared while commenting on a few others. In…