Propanal jailed for failing Fehling’s Test

30 February, 0126: Everyone knows that aldehydes answer Fehling’s Test. Even children of organic compounds like Methanal and Methane knows that. But in a shocking discovery, it turned out that Propanal, who goes by the name of Propionaldehyde among his common friends and who is a well known aldehyde (also Methanal’s grandfather) had FAILED the test.


Ideal Fehling’s Test 

Presently Propanal has been locked up inside a flat bottom glass flask  in a chemistry lab in Ethiopia. Police are talking of reducing it to an alkane by Clemmensen’s reduction. Initially Fehling was blamed for failing the test. Alkaline Sodium Potassium Tartrate (Fehling B) was almost getting neutralised by the torturous nitric acid when Benzene, the head constable of chemistry labs found out that it was Propanal who was faulty as it neither did answer Tollen’s Test nor Schiff’s Test. This phenomena is a disgrace in the field of organic chemistry and IUICC (International Union for Impure and Complicated Chemistry) has already started formulating Strict laws to prevent such mishappenings from happening again.

Although from now on chemists will be very careful while synthesizing chemicals, it is advisable to keep your eyes open for any law breaker organic molecule.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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