Horror movie gets voted as the “Funniest Film Ever” after laughing gas tank leaks during Award Ceremony

30 February,0055: IBDB gave it 11.3/10 in the horror movie genre while Fresh Potatoes gave it 103.8% rating for excellent portrayal of vampires and life threatening background music. One man said, “I was watching another movie in the next theatre, but the film was so creepy that all of us in the adjacent theatre were admitted to hospital due to extreme shock due to fear.” Everyone who watched the film were reported spot dead after the first minute of the 4-hour movie. It was so creepy that the director, editor and the lead actors were themselves scared to death (and this is not a hyperbole!). Its one minute trailer has been declared to be the most lethal weapon, even more dangerous than atom bomb, by the governments, and has been permitted for free usage during war!
The biggest question, after all these complements, was that how on Earth did this film win The title of Funniest Film Ever voted by both the audiences and jury. The reason as investigated by the International Detective Committee, was a mysterious leak of Laughing Gas during the Award Ceremony. It intoxicated the people and saved their lives from this lethal movie!
Hence we learn once again that Laughter is the Best Medicine(even if it is induced by Laughing Gas).

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
Website: http://www.antarcticadaily.weebly.com