Doctor breaks all 206 bones of patient while sneezing during surgery

One hour of surgery resulted in One Year of impending Surgery!


POTASSIUM CYANIDE in AQUA REGIA gets voted as the most nutritious drink

30  February,0073: “The most precious things in the Universe are most often the ones looked down upon.” said no-hell peace prize winner Dr White Dove. Scientists who most of the times are in search for an unproved hypothesis are always eager to take it up their arms and publish a definite proof for the same….

Crustaceans demand Education Rights

30 February,0054: “Not just humans, even we want education!” was the slogan which was heard in all the corners of the world last day when International Crustacean Committee (ICC) demanded for educational rights for their fellow crustaceans. It was the perfect choice of the day as it was Teachers Day in India when the demands…