Congrats, Geocentric Flat Earthers

30 February, 0170: Literally, We had no idea. Figuratively, however, we did, but that's a different story altogether. The fact that the Earth goes around the Sun, our very own heliocentric model would be so brutally proved to be false, was clearly not within our unfathomably wide limits of fathomable fantasies. Not that we admired this … Continue reading Congrats, Geocentric Flat Earthers


Gray’s Anatomy will use Picasso’s Paintings

30 February, 0169: It is widely known that Gray’s Anatomy is the most widely known book of Anatomy! It is also widely known that Pablo Picasso’s paintings are one of the best in the world. What wasn’t known however is that, the two of those could ever be compiled together within the same book covers! Right … Continue reading Gray’s Anatomy will use Picasso’s Paintings

Hundred Thousand Words

Yes, a hundred thousand words. That is the number of words which has been published in Antarctica Daily since its inauguration 3 years ago. And this number calls for a change. A massive change. A radical change. And the change will come. From today onwards! Antarctica Daily was about ideas. Written ideas. But ideas should … Continue reading Hundred Thousand Words

Last and also the Least

30 February, 0168: Mathematician David Gravid Proglottid has made a weird prediction. He has successfully, predicted how long the last human on the Earth will be alive for. And to his surprise, even though that person would be the last on the planet, and is expected to live for not the least amount of time, according … Continue reading Last and also the Least

WannaTry Virus plagues the World

30 February, 0167: So, tell me, do you WannaTry? This is the question that has preceded the worst form of disaster in the World for the last few weeks. Irrespective of whether the answer to the above mentioned question was yes or no, the victims had to try what was in their destiny. In the rest … Continue reading WannaTry Virus plagues the World

To Walk or To Talk?

30 February, 0166: The world is divided. No one knows the correct answer. Whether should we walk, or talk? Or both? Or none? Some say, walk before you talk, others say talk before you walk. Some might say walk while you talk while others might say talk while you walk. Even though the last two opinions … Continue reading To Walk or To Talk?

4 comes after 6

30 February, 0165: One, Two, Three, Five, Six, Four, Seven, Eight,..... This is how you should be counting the numbers from now on. MAD (Mathematical Academy of Directors) have confirmed that this way of counting numbers in not only helpful but is also important. How it is important, is not yet known, but a few facts … Continue reading 4 comes after 6